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Alice at 2004-08-04

Wow great poems girl! You must tell me how you do it?! If you have MSN add me -
thanks babe! love ya xxxxxxxx

rachel at 2004-08-05

i loved your poem<33

Marie at 2004-08-05

i can feel u on that poem reminds me of me and my B.D. I could never find the words for writing a poem about him but that was a good one. Good job!

LAURALEE at 2004-08-05


lpfan2006 ( F C D ) at 2004-08-05

OMG!!! that poem gave me chills. that is exactly how i feel now except im a boy and i feel that way about a girl. your truely amazing and im adding you to my faves.

Victim of Thought at 2004-08-05

Well done 8-) Keep writing.

Ashley Todd ( F C ) at 2004-08-05

hey omg that was a great poem . . . i loved it thats how i felt when me and my ex boyfriend broke up. . but now i have a special somone that i truly love and would never do me wrong. . . .that was a really really good poem . . i wrote a poem callled i'm over you. . cause my ex broke up with me for another girl. . well please read my poems. . i'm gonna go see if you have some more to read. . comment and rate mine it would really mean alot! thanks ashley todd

Eirisa ( F P C D ) at 2004-08-05

Hey i think almost all of us has felt something like that somewhere along the crazy journey that is life. you described it very well and i really enjoyed reading your poem. I hope you find the love you want one day, but love is always closer than you think - remember that...

tanya at 2004-08-06

i'm going through the same thing right now, and i think that its a very good thing that your love is fading, cause it makes it harder when your love is still growing, and his is not.

Laci at 2004-08-06

this is really good! i can kinda relate to this poem! except for the part about loving them less! but i like it a lot it is really easy to relate to and i like those kinds of poems the best

Danielle at 2004-08-06

Awesome I love it!

NaNipaChO at 2004-08-07

such a good poem wishin i kudd write something so good, keep up da good work ;-)

Sammie ( F P ) at 2004-08-07

That is just a great poem...

I haven't seen one that good in a while, most just rhyme but you have real talent.

Keep up the good work!

Amber at 2004-08-07

good poem, it shows emotion while keeping up the positivity

Jay ( F P ) at 2004-08-10

I love this poem... it is something my ex wife would so write to me... WOW it hits hard... LOVED this poem -Jay-

Mortalidaga ( F P C D ) at 2004-08-10

this is're an incredible writer..dont stop..<3333

Autumn at 2004-08-10

I love your poem. I haven't read one like that in a long time. I enjoyed it. You have a great talent. It really inspires me. I loved it. Good job.

Love always,

anita at 2004-08-10

i loved it...reminds you doesn't it??

Lizzy ( F P C D ) at 2004-10-29

Very good poem. All your poems are sad, I hope you are a happy person though. Please keep writing, i love your stuff!

Crystal at 2004-11-30

Love this poem, I can't seem to stop reading it. Great job!

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