Comments - Ending Her Cries

Amy* ( F P C ) at 2004-08-11

OMG! That was so touching. I almost cried. lol Tyler, the gurl that end up with u is gona be so lucky! ur an amazing guy.

Falo at 2004-08-11

that is one of the most beautiful and sad oems i have ever read.. that was really good, shit is was great. i agree wit Amy i almost cried too.

Six at 2004-08-11

wow...very touching, great's funny how we would give anything-even your life-for someone you love so they are happy and free- i would do the same

HOLLY ARMER ( F P C D ) at 2004-08-11

That was breathtaking! I am in awe!! Very beautifully written!!!!!!

-Tyler- ( F C ) at 2004-08-11

thank u for the comments :) means alot

Ann Marie ( F C D ) at 2004-08-12

Wow! That was so heart-rending and beautiful!

Amy ( F P C ) at 2004-08-12 wonderful!! I loved that poem so much....I had tears in my eyes! You are such a wonderful poet...I love all your stuff!!!! Beautiful poem!

~*Thiomara*~ at 2004-08-13

dat was hot....

Sw33ti3 ( F C ) at 2004-08-13

That was an AMAZING poem you wrote so sweet....thank u for sharing this with us and keep it up..

Richard Bottary ( F C ) at 2004-08-13

Wow that was extremely touching. I really enjoyed it. I'd do the same thing for a girl I cared about as well.

-Tyler- ( F C ) at 2004-08-13

Thank u for all the comments :)... this site has been screwing up for me way to much so im rarely on cuz i keep getting "This website is currently Unavaliable!" yea its weird...

But ima try to submit more

jess ( F P C ) at 2004-08-14

awesome poem!!!! take care of yaself!!! keep writing gave it 5
luv jessycar

Neni Velazgues at 2004-08-14

This is a great poem! Well done

Jennifer A. Fox ( F P C D ) at 2004-08-14

This is a VERY well written poem...It is the best one ever...I didnt think a poem could ever make me cry but this one did...It was sad...I loved it...Keep up the awesome wrote cuz you are truely one good writer...Chow for now...Jennie

Mortalidaga ( F P C D ) at 2004-08-14

omg..thats so sweet...thats an amazing poem..<33 fantastic work ^_^ <33

Melissa Vipond ( F C ) at 2004-08-14

This poem is so good. You're such a talented writer and so sweet. I gave it a 5 anyway.

Sylvia at 2004-08-14

OMG...WOW that was a REALLY great poem i dont know alot of guys that can write that good.. It was sad but at the same time VERY sweet! I give this a BIG 5...keep of the great work!

Alyssa Aka: lyssa ( F C ) at 2004-08-15

that was a true hearted poem and i give thumbs up on it just becuase it was really good but the topic was even amazing.. end her cries is the best because no man should hit a gurl~ we aren't that strong.. we can't get that mad and make marks too... so good for u that u created a great poem it was amazing

Maybeth ( F P C ) at 2004-08-15

hey gr8 poem . keep it up .. check out mine soemtime too

Nancy Perez at 2004-08-15

that was a bery good poem... i loved it...its its sad but soooo sweet...keep on writting...5 for this one!!!:)

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