Comments - Falling In Love

Falo at 2004-08-18

yo i really like this is sayin alot

Melissa Vipond ( F C ) at 2004-08-18

I loved your poem. Your descriptions were so good, its obvious you are in love.

Billie ( F ) at 2004-08-19

This is a GREAT poem.. I just passed that stage.. I have told him how I feel and I just Hope that everything will work out well.. I Hope that for You too.. Good Luck with it.. And I think You shoudl tell him "You Might regret what You say, but You'll regret what You don't say so much more".. But if You don't wanna tell, show him signs that You really really care about him and make him make the first move, right?! Anyway.. Good Luck with, take care and Enjoy Your day!! Ciao xoxo

Holly my true poems ( F ) at 2004-08-19

that was such a beautiful poem and i am too in this possition i cant believe how much i felt that thank you so much

Mortalidaga ( F P C D ) at 2004-08-19

wow..this is brilliant...i liked it a lot! keep writing, take care

Eirisa ( F P C D ) at 2004-08-19

This was great! I loved every line and i could totally relate! You did such a good job describing those feelings - for me expressing those feelings to my special someone has brought me such an amazing happiness - i hope the same happens for you...
Great poem keep it up
Much Luv Eirisa xoxo

shayna at 2004-08-19

i love yur poem it reminds me of how i feel with this certain guy but i only wish he would feel the same way.....anyways keep writin cuz i think yur talented! much luck!

Korrie ( F ) at 2004-08-19

Hey. Thanks for all the great comments. I wrote this for someone, but he didn't really say much about it after I gave it to him. Maybe someday he will catch on. I hope:)

Emily-xO at 2004-11-23

i really enjoyed this poem alot
:) keep up the good work

<3 emily

ps read my poemss and give me tips

~*Jessika*~ at 2005-03-24

poem is cute!!!!!!!

Beba at 2005-12-28

Yo, this poem is really cute. It sounds like the situation I'm in now.