Comments - Love You Forever Mom: The Letter, The Dream

Aken Sol ( F P C D ) at 2004-10-29

Hey, this is pretty good D. Heh, u play some slow song and not something u made k?

Aken Sol

Amy at 2004-10-29

hey i thought this was great.....i don't really like my mom that much right now but i know i will always love her

stephanie ( F C ) at 2004-11-03

hey wats shaking....that poem was really your mom dying or something??If you ever wanna talk email me at or add me on messanger k

creasy ( F P C D ) at 2004-12-19 have really great poems...this one had me in tears..keep up the good work.!!! great job!!

elizabeth at 2005-02-16

great poem! it was very heart felt. keep up the great work! God Bless

Tatiana ( P C ) at 2005-07-07

OMG.. I love this really touched my heart and made me cry..I felt my throat closing up while tears started runnin down my face...I can truly feel ur pain and relate to it..If u ever need 2 talk to anyon..I'm here 4 u.. readin ur poems we have a lot in comment

kati at 2007-04-28

This was a great poem! keep it up. this really had me in tears, i can relate soo much to this...i love my mom more than anything in the world and don't want her to leave...but good job...

anacriis..* at 2007-05-20

Luv this coment
u almost made me cry.

Escoffier ( P ) at 2007-07-03

Very good writing, I enjoyed reading your poem.

Cindy ( C ) at 2007-09-29

Wow..amazing poems.. i love it alot...very deep and heartfelt...very well written...great job~*~CIndy~*~

blue angel at 2007-10-09

Must have love your mum that much huh... the hairs of my hands were raising as i read through your poem... honestly and literally... lol

Ian ( F C ) at 2010-04-20

Awesome writing. i love this. really makes me think about my mom. haha

Alhaji Flo at 2013-01-11

Wow..amazing poems