Comments - Your More Then Just A Friend

Rachel Dills at 2004-11-04

I absolutely loved your poem. It was so wierd b/c you are talking about pretty much the same thing that I am going through right now. When I read your poem it brought tears to my eyes. It really touched me.

Teresa at 2004-11-05

i toatly feel this way bout one of my exes that wants to be friends. and it really insires me. good job

bizarre ( F C ) at 2004-11-05

awesome work

Nancy Carbajal at 2004-11-05

I loved your poem so much trust me i've been through that situation also! but Great job on the poem

charlotte at 2004-11-05

great work love it

Josie at 2004-11-05

that was a good poem good job mija

Brian Clayton at 2004-11-05

it's wonderful, i hope it works out for you

Eirisa ( F P C D ) at 2004-11-05

Really well written Ashley - i hope this lucky guy got to see this amazing poem you wrote about him and knows just how special you are to him!
Keep up the great work

sumone at 2004-11-06

nice poem i love it

geny at 2004-11-06

oh the feeling when iread that poem it's wonderful

JOEY ( D ) at 2004-11-06

VEry good...i could see you loove ryhtming....????

Jess ( F P C ) at 2007-05-22

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! i love your poem. keep up the good work.

Julie at 2007-05-31

I love it...kinda reminds me of my relationship right now...keep going

mathew at 2007-07-06

Hey this is really good nice work...come cheak out my page

Kayli ( F C ) at 2008-01-06

I really liked your was pretty much amazing*

REVS ( F P C ) at 2008-01-13

I love it!! omg its great

hallou at 2008-06-06

Loved it =D

Himalee ( P C ) at 2009-06-23