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jazmin at 2004-11-17

i loved this poem. i related to it deeply; emotions seemed so real. you have a great talent in your hands, don't quit writing. i wish you the same luck in the future.

Alyson at 2004-11-17

You have talent. Keep it up. The way you worded this poem was awesome. I really like it.

CrAzEe In LoVe 04 at 2004-11-17

very good technique!!! keep em comin

Kharisma ( F P C D ) at 2004-11-17

great poem...

Angel Sanctuary ( F P C D ) at 2004-11-18

This was great... I think everyone said what i would say... soooo then i gues i'll just say you rock... hehe keep up the good work.. Take Care

Kristi at 2004-11-18

Great poem I know exactly how that feels! Thanks for commenting on my poems and I'll keep on commenting on yours!

Trace Of Grace © ( F C D ) at 2004-11-18

I really liked this poem. Very good hun! :) Thanks for the comment, take care!

Felicia ( F P ) at 2004-11-18

hey sarah thank you alot for commenting on mine you have talent keep it up when your down or in love write your feelings cause thats where the best peoms come from good job

FTS Miles ( F P C D ) at 2004-11-18

This is a tremendously revealing poem, and I congratulate you for having the courage to reveal so much emotion and self-image in a posted poem. And as it is, it's also an "Excellent"-ly written revelation, IMHO. Great work.

**inside_im_hurting** ( F ) at 2004-11-18

omg!! this poem is amzing i gave it a 5 well done luv ya xx

Jessie at 2004-11-18

very good poem. i'd like to see more of your work.

Bobby Brownlie ( F P C ) at 2004-11-18

hey this poem was very touching. i wish i had a girlfriend as sweet as you but everytime i have a girlfriend i get cheated on. but it's ok life goes on. i am really happy for you. if a girl ever wrote me something like this i would cry. this was very sweet. great job. keep it up girl!!!!
take care

t0rn at 2004-11-18

Hey Sarah,
I really appreciated the comment you left on my first poem. More will be coming soon for sure since right now I've been really hurt so check back every two days to see some new poems. Your poem is so beautiful! I loved it, you put a lot of feeling inside and it made me feel happier inside. Very touching babes. I <3 YOU! Lol =p

- D R 3 A <3 ..lifes too short..

*!*FireFighter53_Gurl*!* ( F P C D ) at 2004-11-18

hey Sarah:) this piece was soo beautiful and loving...Girl you should keep on writing:p.. I really liked this poem and I'm going to send it to my hun:) for him to read it also:D...It reminds me of him:p..hehe... *5*.. Keep on smiling:) & thanx for sharing your wonderful/passionate poem:D..~Best of Luck to your upcoming poems!!!~
*God Bless*

~!~Angels with Love that fly up to the glorious skies..Sedusha~!~

Amber at 2004-11-19

Hey ! thanx for the comment i love ur poems to !! I like the way you write. . . keep up the cute peoms !! Luv yaz

ღsugar caneღ ( F P C ) at 2004-11-23

WOOOOW! really really amaaazing poem!!! "EXCELLENT" !!!! I loved it aloot!!! it was so deep !

Jenny Shale at 2004-11-23

i like ur poem. keep up the work
take a look at my. take care jenny

Eirisa ( F P C D ) at 2004-11-24

Hun this was spectacular a really emotionally heartfelt poem that reminded me of my own boy and how much I love him - a really special poem for a really special someone who is very lucky to have you in thier life well done on a great poem
Luv Eirisa

Carmen at 2004-11-24

wow this is a GREAT poem! i can relate to it like umm EXACTLY! i love it, keep up the good work. your a great writer!

Gina at 2004-12-02

I liked your poem, it waz so..... sweet.

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