Comments - This Is Anything Except A Mistake

Tay at 2006-08-13

Hey Gurl i know you dont know me or any thing...but my birth mom had me when she was sixteen and she gave me up for adoption....i still see her almost every day and stuff but i know she doesnt think i was a mistake but i know she regrets giving me up..and right now i was about to give up on her until i read this poem...thank you so made me cry

HEATHER ( C ) at 2006-09-06


daisy at 2006-10-01

Don't let him make u do it. Go out, have fun, go to college, and then start a family.

Marcie ( F P ) at 2006-10-07

Wow. I am in the same situation

great job

thegirlyoulovetohate at 2006-10-27

Wow. this poem really struck a chord. it's really really touching. 5/5. ;)

mami at 2006-11-02

Girl...i love your poem... i got pregnant at 14 and now im 16 and my daughter is the best that ever hapened to me. its not easy but its not impossible.... weather the guy is around ornot... the baby is goin to have you no matter what.....

Caitlin Shires at 2006-12-26

Tiffany this was a really good and kinda sad poem at the same time. I really liked this poem

patsy watson at 2007-04-07

Omg that poem is great it hit my heart coz thats wot happened to me