Comments - True Love...

Angel Sanctuary ( F P C D ) at 2004-12-11

hey... This was a beautiful poem... And it is very true... I loved every single word.... Also... Thank you for all the sweet comments you have given me... They mean alot.... I always look forward to read your comments... I will try to read more of your poems.... :-D thank you again... and most of my poems are writen for Crimsonregret... though that's not her name anymore... hehe I write them for her and many other people... Thank you again... and Take Care

ShadowedPhoenix ( F P C D ) at 2004-12-11

So Very true, Amazing poem and thanks for your comments they really mean alot:)

*Victoria* ( F P C D ) at 2004-12-12

omg... i'm seriously about to cry right now! ok, maybe i'm getting too much into this but what can i say? it's incredible. thanks for writing such a great poem!!! take care:')

GirlieLovexx ( F C ) at 2004-12-12

wow yet again more beautiful words! they all fit together so perfectly keep up the good work i really enjoy reading ur poems. thanx for your inspirational comments i appriciate them all

abby xxxx

MeL JoY ( F C ) at 2004-12-13

wow i love every single one of your poems!!! u r so gifted!!
thank you for commenting my poem it means a lot thx!
keep it up!!
and take care!!!

Ann*Stareyes* ( F P C D ) at 2004-12-13

Kumar, True love is a wonderful thing and that first love you'll never forget, so true. Once again a beautiful piece. Enjoy your work so much! lol

Breaking Through © ( F C D ) at 2004-12-13

Very nice, my friend. Your writing seems to be getting better.. if that's at all possible!? lol. Anyway, wonderful job. Take care! =)

♥Maybeth© ( F P C ) at 2004-12-13

Hey Kumar ! Awesome Poem, and gr8 job on this one .. Thanks for ur comment on my last poem .. and thank you for sayin I come up with good titles .. lol.. thats teh first tiem I've ever heard that .. but yea I love ur new poems they're really good ! Keep up ur awesome work ... ! Cant wait to read more ..
Maybeth =D

carissa at 2004-12-18

thats very true i love ur poem ur have alot of talent
do me a favor and check out some of my poems im a beginner and not really that experienced

megha ( F P C D ) at 2004-12-18

"To love someone in our life is a wish,
wishing to have that someone is selfish,"

very true!!!! great poem!!! :-)

GreenEyesGurla ( F P C D ) at 2004-12-19

I'm feeling this poem sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
real good poem... dag... keep it all up!!!

take care and god bless you