Comments - Why Do I Still Love You

Brett at 2004-12-26

wow. this is amazingly beautiful! I actually can tell that you miss him. It's wonderful, and I hope to see more of your poems soon!

Great Job! :]

Jacqueline at 2004-12-26

That was really really good...u have talent too...will you check out my poems too?


kim ( F P C D ) at 2004-12-26

i luved this poem. ive never been able to relate to a poem so much! no exactly how you feel! great job keep it up! ~kim~

([ bizarre © ]) ( F C ) at 2004-12-28

i understand this exactly. i guess it's good to know that i'm not the only one who can't say goodbye. anyways, great poem.

Miroku at 2004-12-29

Whoa! that poem was excellent. Keep up the great work.

taylor at 2004-12-31

thats a good poem! check mine out...they aren't good but o well constuctive critism only helps inprove. thanks!! :)

matt at 2004-12-31

Awesome! I feel the same with my ex-girlfriend

Ariel Diaz at 2004-12-31

Wow that poem was great. I can totally relate. At least i know im not the only person in the world that cant say good bye. hey check out my poems please

Amanda at 2004-12-31

man this poems was very good. i can relat to it.

Ashlee at 2004-12-31

I love this poem! Keep writing!
Love Ashlee xoXoxO

Adriana at 2004-12-31

i feel u on this one...but its a different story for me...i left my man and i still love in love with...i jus wanted to let u kno that, thats sum real stuff there good writing

Allie at 2004-12-31

I can barely relate but it was the oppisite with me oncei loved him and he...never mind....but nice job.

lisa at 2004-12-31

this poem is one of the best ive ever read im gunna rate it a 5 great job xx

Autumn at 2004-12-31

wow, i'm amazed! You have such a talent, i loved reading your piece. It's been one of the best i've heard. Your an awesome writing, you know how to reach out to people, but also let go of your feelings, your amazing, keep it up!!


Brett at 2004-12-31

EXCELLENT! one of the best poems i have ever read! anyone who says other wise wouldn't know great poetry if it hit them in the butt! ;). anyways, amazing!

--Brett M.

Jalisa at 2005-01-01

Girl I know just how you feel all you have to do is just deal with it if it is meant to be he will find his way back to you."keep yo head up"

Miranda Grose at 2005-01-01

WOW! That was the best poem I have read all night, well in a very long time. It was like u wrote all of my feelings down. Haha it was a great poem, I loved it! ~*~Miranda~*~

MiCHELLE at 2005-02-04

this is such a great poem. i can totally relate.

heather at 2005-11-04

YES! awsome!! I LOVE IT

kayla T ( F P C ) at 2007-01-25

This is really good ! keep it up!