Comments - The Butterfly

Randy Lee ( C ) at 2004-08-21

most of my poetry is peaceful, although "I know" is in sharp contrast to what I normaly write.

weixu05 at 2005-03-09

people depress you?
why do you count on butterfly?

Becky drake ( F C ) at 2005-06-07

I too have a thing with butterflies, when i see one, it brings to my minf, my father in law, don't ask me why as have no idea, but your poem touched my becky

mohamad aref ( F C ) at 2007-06-20

Very nice

Alicia Jane ( P C ) at 2007-10-29

Ii like this poem heaps
gud work

haaleewang at 2012-05-20

Randy lee
can i make youre poem become a song??
because very beautiful poem