Comments - Crying

karma ( F P D ) at 2005-04-21


kt at 2005-05-03

another great poem !! good job .. xOo kt

*YaSmIn* ( C ) at 2005-05-09

awww that was so sweet....u really r a

robbie at 2005-05-21

great poem
i like it coz i relate to it
keep it up

savannah ( F ) at 2005-05-24

this made me cry a little damn you have some real talent you are truley gifted embrass that

eddy ( F P ) at 2005-06-02

awww, that was pretty sweet man!! NICE

BROKen2PEIces ( F ) at 2005-06-03

Your a very talented writer!!!5/5

Tumblechik1214 at 2005-06-05

omfg thats such a cute poem!!! i luv it to death! keep up tha good work!

Hard2Heal ( F C ) at 2005-09-03

Sad..but very good 5/5

Wallace ( F P C D ) at 2007-05-12

Amazing poem, you truly have a talent, excellent work. Check out some of my poems when you have the time.

Best Wishes

Kandi Morales at 2007-05-18

This is cute

tara ( F P C D ) at 2007-05-18

Aww..tears to my eyes*, yet beautiful and amazing.-*-l.tara.--

bleedingtears at 2007-05-20

Awh, That is such a sweet poem. Good job

leanne at 2007-05-24

Touching poem x

Chelsea at 2007-05-26

Awh that's like the cutest poem i've ever herd by a boy anyways haha
nice job

Kailah at 2007-07-01

Hey Matt,
I am really new as in a few mins new to this and your poem is one of the first ones i've read so far. I like it a lot and it actually made me get butterflies! Anyway it was real great keep up the good work.
write back if you wish

taylor xl3 ( F P C ) at 2007-07-31

Oh my God this is so sweet! I absolutely love this poem it was one of the best Ive read so far. Keep up the good work! =)


charu at 2007-09-03

That was beautiful.... i m speechless!!!

Jordan ( F P ) at 2007-11-09

Wow that was really sweet and powerful, it felt almost like you were speaking to me while i read it. your an amazing writer

c 0 n f u s e d ( F C D ) at 2008-02-16

It was a good poem but i think it could`ve been a little better.

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