Comments - Just Friends?

Ann Marie ( F C D ) at 2004-05-05

very very nicely written. This is a hard transition in a relationship... especially if one of the pair isn't feeling more! You did a great job!

Alisha at 2004-08-05

i love all ur poems there awesome!

leanne at 2005-07-27

its funny you wrote this, my names leanne too and i feel exactly the same about a friend of mine

Laura Ashley ( F P C D ) at 2005-09-22

I love this poem! I can really relate to it and I like the way you ryme. =]

grace ( F C ) at 2007-07-07

Sweeeett.hope you two will together(=

Alissa at 2007-08-23


xo kisses xo ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-28

This is an amazing poem.
i know a lot of people who feel this way.

xo kisses xo

SilentLove ( F P D ) at 2008-05-15

Kyaahh!!.wat a nice poem!^_^
it makes me remember my preciouse friend,
i've fallen for him for 10yrs..T_T
but its ok now cuz wer still friend.
and i'm ok for that.=)
just be w/ him...


Aryaan ( C ) at 2008-05-16

Theme is very good and interesting. i wouldn't say you've written it badly but i think it could have been better. vocab could have been stronger. just my thought... as a whole it's a nice one... good to read... keep writing.

dennis at 2008-05-16

Great use of words, reminded me of what i wrote in the past... 2 years i've felt that way with that girl, then i was rejected before i even confessed. Before she left i gave her a compiled book of all my poems that i wrote for her, which was at that time all i had... (and deleted the soft copy, so only she had it, sorry guys/girls) whatever i post are the new ones. Back to topic, great work and keep the pen moving.

mikayla at 2008-05-19

I love this poem!
5/5 :)

jane ( D ) at 2008-05-21

I can relate to this poem.. its really great.. well written.. 5/5

Fred at 2008-05-22

Wat an awesome poem!!!!!
I Feel the same way bout dis guy The excact way! i dunno wat i should do tell him i like him or keep it locked up!?

MJ at 2008-05-23

All I can say is, this poem is pure magic. It really is beautiful.

Just That Girl ( F P C ) at 2008-05-25

That's all what i could think of while reading it, it seriously left me speachless.

FaithHopeNLove ( F C ) at 2008-05-25

I think its safe to say that almost everyone has felt this way. In a few short stanza's you caught one of lifes most questioned troubles. Its elequently written and evokes a real sense of compassion and understanding. Great job! 5/5!

Hayley at 2008-05-28

Keep up the good work :P

Mr Trio at 2008-06-13

As someone who has been in the same position, I can only wish you the best of luck.
I hope you receive an answer from this person soon.

YASMINE T ( F ) at 2008-06-16


msluckyone ( C ) at 2008-06-18


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