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sam kings ( F ) at 2005-05-31

if youve read this please comment and i will return the favour

gabs ( F C ) at 2005-05-31

WOW thats all i gotta say that was really really touching seriously you got good work keep it up .. check my stuff tell me what ya think !! thanks

Amanda Harwood at 2005-05-31

This poem makes me think of my grandfather me and him were realy close and then he passed away and I cept on hopeing that he woul one day return but i found out diferent.. Hey i have some poems here to if you would like to look at them it would mean alot to me they are Forever goodbye, No More to lose, and What is it. well plz and thankyou;.

Stephanie at 2005-05-31

this is well good...keep up da good work!:

shattered.heart at 2005-06-05

hey great poem its really great i shed a few tears at the begining and end, made me think of some good times spent with my dad befor he left for some work thing havent heard from him in a while check out my poems and stuff if u wish

christina ( C ) at 2005-06-05

hey wow grt poem it was emtional and awsome grt work
always smile

Sarah at 2005-06-05

WOW. Great. Is this a true story>because this sounds just like what i am going through right now. Keep it up.

Maronel at 2005-06-05

Beautiful!! It held me to the end...
Love your work!

sam kings ( F ) at 2005-06-05

thank you all :o) x x x x

La couer de la Mer at 2005-06-05


sorry i dont have any words for that poem i think it speaks for itself.
it was more than beautiful.

Chancie. at 2005-06-05

Oh my gosh!! That poem is amazing!!! That is soo TOUCHING!!! You should way keep up the CAN go far!

ps. ppl who ask someone who just wrote a poem read my stuff....its stupid and thats mean to say especially when its really sad like this.

Luv Chancie.

Crystal ( F P C D ) at 2005-06-05

that's really sad i have 3 cousins and a brother in law that are in the army so i would feel the same way if one of them died i wrote a poem just like it its called"goodbye" check it out and comment thanx

Emma at 2005-06-05

wow! that's really sad but seriously amazing! i wish i could write as well as you! your poems are brilliant!

keep smiling, love emma xxx

Briana ( F ) at 2005-06-05

that was really really really good dont stop writting like that cuz your great..sorry if this really did happen to you.


tanya at 2005-06-05

damn! all i can say is that was amazing!!! keep it up! it was just wow!!

sam kings ( F ) at 2005-06-05

(sorry bout the last one its just the person i love is in the army too and i hope i havnt jinxed him. *worried* )

thanks alot for your comment
sam x

Christina at 2005-06-05

hey I read your poem it is so good it reminds me of my uncle he is fighting in the war right now and I hope that he come back to us but I was reallyu touched by your poem and I give you a 5 *snap snap*

Kiersten Nicole ( F C ) at 2005-06-06

wow. that was very good, truly sad.. and hearfelt. i liked it alot. im sorry if it's true.. I wrote a poem similar to that called "A thousand Tissues" you should check it out, I think you might like it... your poem is very good, i enjoyed it!

xXlostXx ( F P C ) at 2005-06-06

thats beautiful, and sad,
keep up the good work.

Kimberly Poole at 2005-06-06

omg your poem was deep. It touched me so much.please keep up the great work. You have a good can tell by the way you write. well cya.

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