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Marissa at 2005-06-09

How Sad! Im sorry you and your sister had to go through that. Stay strong! Poetry is a good wy to get your feelings out, so keep on writing!!

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Lover at 2005-06-09

im so sorry

xXxβ∫λčķδόυ∫xXx ( F P C D ) at 2005-06-09

i'm really sorry bout your dad. good job.

Samantha Kiestler at 2005-06-09

awe thats sad and im really sorry what you have to go and your sister..i've grown up with out a dad too and im 14 so i kinda know how it feels but i never knew him but keep writing your really good and check out my poems sometime to and rate thanx sweetie

Keli Miller ( P ) at 2005-06-09

hey so sorry to hear about your dad...i cant imagine how hard that must be to go thru all that pain...stay strong and ill pray that u do...i gave you a 5/5...good job...keep writing

Lizbeth DLP at 2005-06-09

Well I defenetly know how it feels to loose a dad becasue I lost mine 6 years ago but he was the drunk one and he rolled over on a bride but this happened in mexico. Im really sorry for your dad but I know that my dad and your dad are watching over us and we will one day meet them again.

love her forever ( F P C D ) at 2005-06-09

very good poem i loved it...sometimes it can be quite unbelievable how the police work but if you write poems about your dad and only remember the good times it makes it alot easier

Jennell at 2005-06-09

hi i was touched by you poem and my father was also killed but by 2 men and they knew what they were doing he was killed at the age of 16 and i was only 1 and my older sister was 2.

*|ღ|*§äяаћ ĸ*|ღ|* ( F P C D ) at 2005-06-09

awww...That was sad and good. I am so sorry.

*Victoria* at 2005-06-09

omg! its soooo sad!! its written really well too!! love it 5/5!

♥IlOvemyBaBy♥ at 2005-06-10

I'm sorry for what happened to your dad. That isn't right that he didn't get put into jail. This was a great poem though! xxx

Robert Waterio ( F ) at 2005-06-10

This is one of the best poems ive ever read i cried because of its reality

Kirsten Fromer at 2005-06-10

I really like this poem it relates alot to me. my dad got killed with a gun but a drunk guy didnt have it he did. he committed suicide and i was only 11. it hink about him every day and i cry all the time. well all i have to say is stay strong and you'll do fine and just remember that ur not the only one who goes through this so ur not alone!

ღ bunny ღ ( C D ) at 2005-06-10

sorry for your lose hon. it is devastating to lose someone like that. beautiful poem. My dad is still alive but i will never see him again. he is too drugged up to care about my sister and i.

barbara at 2005-06-10

wow thats realy sad sry to hear that.
well u rite reely good poems i hope that everythin gets better i kno how it feels losing sombody u love

Katherine at 2005-06-10

i really like ur poem. I feel sorry for u and ur sister. but always now u will be with him in heaven. u will be together again soon.

Kristen at 2005-06-10

wow I am so sorry that this happened to you but this was a great great poem keep it up

brittany leann at 2005-06-10

Hey. I really like your poem. My dad died when I was seven, too. Just like you, it was 8 years ago and I am now 15. It was also by a gunshot wound. The only difference is that HE was holding the gun and it accidently went off. You're poem is alot like how I feel. It's really hard growing up without him because he was my best friend and I will always be Daddy's Little Girl. Keep up the good work.

ryann at 2005-06-10

so sorry bout ur dad my dad died last summer im only 14 it was kinda ruff i know how u feel great poem

Leia at 2005-06-10

this is so sorry about your parents are divorsed and it kills me. your a really good writter!!

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