Comments - I Love You To This Day**

Crystal ( F P C ) at 2005-07-01

hey this poem is good. i like it. great job. i know how you feel..i have lost someone that meant alot to me. but he broke up with me. and to this day i still miss him sometimes..but i now have a new b/f. i was afraid to move on but when i did i found someone that treats me better. I hope you do the same.. Great poem. Keep up the good work. and if you can plz check out my poems. 2 of them are about the b/f i have now that made me relize that you can love someone else even after being hurt...I GIVE THIS POEM A 5/5.........

Francisco ( F P C ) at 2005-07-01

I enjoyed your poem, it was worthwhile reading. When you get the chance, please read my latest poem "Set Me Free"... I would really appreciate it. BYE!

awokendream ( F C ) at 2005-07-01

I really liked your poem and i think that it's one that almost everyone can relate to. I know exactly how you feel. At the time, I was very miserable and I thought that nobody could replace that person, but now that I've found someone I didn't think I'd find, I'm just laughing about it all, and hopefully, you will too! Great poem once again! 5/5!
Good Luck!

kyla at 2005-07-02

OMFG excellent poem it made me cry dont stop writing this is how i feel about a guy i love his name is greg good good good job really its awesome girl

samara ( F P C ) at 2005-07-02

awwwww i absolutly love this poem. i havent yet found one that i can relate to quite this well. very very good job writtin. dont stop, keep up rhe good work!
xoxo samara

Busola at 2005-07-02

I see strength in the girl.

kalene at 2005-07-03

It was wonderful I loved it a lot that's why I gave u five I hope u will vote and write comments for mines as well

charmed at 2005-07-03

excellent poem, i loved it absolutly wonderful keep it up

AMYtBell ( F P ) at 2005-07-03

I can honestly say that this poem feels like it came straight from my heart and into such beautiful words, I loved it, it explained a situation i have perfectly,,, good job 5/5

XxSuMMeRBrEEzExX *sarah* at 2005-07-04

hey ~awesome ~ poem !!!
Keep it up

-Love Much``

MIRELA ( F ) at 2005-07-05

Wow i can soooo relate to this it is a very good poem

MIRELA ( F ) at 2005-07-05

Wow i can soooo relate to this it is a very good poem

christina ( C ) at 2005-07-05

wow that was grt poem good on u it was awsome
always smile

.:*BrokenSmile*:. ( F P C ) at 2005-07-05

wow great poem..... very emotional...... loved it..... i really enjoyed reading it and hope you don't stop writing!

Iris at 2005-07-06

Wow I can so realte to this poem except for the fact that i'm with him but his made me cry so much. Wow I love this poem.

Caitlyn ( P ) at 2005-07-06

i feel exactly the same way, I am still in love with a guy even though he hurt me!! Keep your talent up it'll take you far!!

Love without a doubt,

mariel at 2005-07-06

That poem is really really good! You're really good at writing poems. Please look at mine and like comment or somthing. K thanx much love!!

DAVESGURLAAF at 2005-07-14



ღNemOღ ( F C D ) at 2006-05-06

Wow I love your poem
you really are a wonderful writer and ur poems are so lovely written! I love them =)
keep it up
NemO x0x0x0x