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Jimmeh at 2005-07-28

Very sweet... Well done xxx

Michelle at 2005-07-29

i really like and think you are a good poet

rob at 2005-07-30

very good at staying on subject matter

Priscylla at 2005-07-30

awww really sweet- i love it!!

Brittany at 2005-07-30

your poem was very nice...if this poem is true and that is how you feel about someone then it is similar to me but just today i realized nobody will love me until i learn to love myself maybe it is some advice that will help you have more cofidence about tellin someone how you was very good poem..keep up the good work

Mrs Reynolds ( C ) at 2005-08-04

this is a nice poem and is very true about love, you say how much you love someone but the words are never enough to show how you truely feel. very well written, keep up the good work.

well done

P.S could u please comment on my poems? i wuld be very greatful, thanks

naomi at 2005-08-04

i really loved this .
when i found this . i read it to my beautiful boy .
it's exactly what i feel .
i can't express my words for him ... but this poem helped me out heaps .
it is beautiful.

Deathcanwait ( F P C ) at 2005-08-04

It's a really good, meaningful poem. i like it a lot. I'm sure you'll find a way to express how you feel to him.

great poem,


sandy at 2005-08-04

nice pome lol

daniel at 2005-08-04

keep at it you have a lot fo promise

Nathan Walsh ( P D ) at 2005-08-04

your poemz first class, i know how't feels... if you need2talk
icq- 219231535
aim- yohhaoa

Canangsgal ( C ) at 2005-08-04

Such a GOOD poem.. I loved it!!! Keep it up!!! :-)

~*fallinNlove*~ ( F ) at 2005-08-05

Hey great poem. Plz comment on my stuff

lee at 2005-08-05

hey i added u to my favourites and so yeah and i think this poem is really good it rox and thanx for reading all myn ok well cya round

Irresistible_Poison at 2005-10-29

Great poem! It feels like whooa--,keep writing!If you have some time,could you comment on mine plzz?I would really appreciate it. Thank you xx

~*fallinNlove*~ ( F ) at 2005-11-11

I think this poem is so great. It has a connection to my life in a way and it is so sweet i am finall goin to get the courage to tell tha boy that I just now realized that I love how truly feel thanks to u. God bless!

definitionofme ( F P C ) at 2005-11-30

This poem says a lot. especially what i feel for this one special guy. i cannot describe what i feel for him. i think i'll go read this to him, if he's willing to listen... ;D 5/5

Lizzy at 2006-08-17

Your an inspirational poet. u are on my favorite list so keep up the great work and i will check up on you to see how you are progressing