Comments - The Dangerous Journey Of Love!!!

Steven Beesley ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-23

Kumar my friend,

Yet another splendid piece of work so artistically rendered, like a painter with his canvas. You never cease to amaze.

Warm regards,


christina ( C ) at 2005-08-23

Kumar ....
wow wat can i say...
it was beautiful peice as alll ur work is :) i loved it soo much it relats too all off us who ever is in love :D
amazin work ..... good on u mate
keep it up .....
always smile =)
peacee :D

Peter DeJesse ( F C D ) at 2005-08-23

Great way to put a complex emotion. I have been there just like everyone else. However, those who fail to take that journey, never really expeienced life

Ann *Stareyes* ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-23

The Dangerous Journey Of Love.... Sometimes it leads to a life with a lot of pain and heartache and sometimes to a life of happiness. You definitely have to take the journey to know where it will lead. Kumar, A Masterpiece, AWESOME!!!!

hugs, love, Ann

жshadowspoetж ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-24

The Dangerous Journey Of Love...simply beautiful write, yet meaningful, awesome!

Nancy Araujo at 2005-08-26

Wow mami..this poem is amazing serioulsy dont stop writing you got talent!!

Nicolette ( C ) at 2005-08-26

OMG I'm speepless that is worth like a 100 I'm CRYING!

oceandeep at 2005-08-26

so wonderful poem
i love it
i rate it as excellent
keep it up

jamie25 ( C ) at 2005-08-26

Yet another excellent write! i loved it! i think any one who reads this would know exactly what you mean. keep up the good work!

shazia at 2005-08-27

Its very true,But people never stop travelling in way...its always filled with love care and happiness....Keep writting dude...

*+* RaCh *+* at 2005-08-27

What can i say. i have been through alot in my life though i am only yung, and your poem is the only thing to have truley touched my heart. thankyou

ashley ( F P C ) at 2005-08-27

That is so pretty and so true. i hate the game of love sometimes.

rob at 2005-08-27

Good poem

Janet at 2005-08-27

That was sooo loving and deep!!! I love it

CHRIS at 2005-08-28

This is a nice poem

KnOwN b4 As ~Ω♪♥◄MiChA at 2005-08-28

Thumbs up!!!
u reallyy are talented 5/5 so defiinetly keep up the gr8 work u started and never stop writing
umm i'll appreciate it a lot if u comment and rate a poem of mine called"never!" that would reallyy mean a lot 4 me
take care
peace and much love

lorri at 2005-08-29

Ok..I loved it...long but worth it ..I just loved it!
I really really loved it!

thanks for sharing!


**Stary_nights** ( F C ) at 2005-08-29

This is very true. Lots to die...but it's not the end for them...they may think that it is, but really, it's not. I may be the one to know, and i may not. i used to be very depressed..and even tried suicide but never went through w/ it. I don't know what it is like to die, whether it may be good or bad after..but right now, it just seems like it would be very bad...
very very well written, keep up the awesome writing......
take care, love ya~

Knoxy ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-30

Hey, this is awesome, very true, keep on writing and take care..
~Luv Alwayz Knoxy

supriya at 2005-08-30

Hey!!!amazing work true...thanks for commenting on my work too....not as good as u ...just my feelings put together on a paper...thanx again...take care...

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