Comments - The words I cannot say

Alex at 2005-09-17

I like metrical poetry and I like the words to rhyme, but then, I'm not a poet so I'm probably wrong, I liked this one though.

rob at 2005-09-17

You say much in this lovely write....Excellant work. 5/5

asia smith ( C ) at 2005-09-17

This is such a cute poem.

rainfairy ( F P C D ) at 2005-09-18

It's a good one, we always want to say things to the one we love but end up being silence, i don't know why but it's just the way it is. How nice if they can read our mind, but it's not possible.

*BleedingAngel* ( F P C D ) at 2005-09-18

Another brilliant poem, something we can all relate to, so emotional and perfectly written....I enjoyed reading this one as well as the others....Made me think about my boyfriend =0)

*All of my love Sabrina*

waiting4U2Bmine ( F P ) at 2005-09-20

I love the way your words flow so freely in this poem. I look forward to more of your poems...

ღsugar caneღ ( F P C ) at 2005-09-20

Woow! i really enjoyed reading ur poem!! great work! keep on writing!

takuma at 2005-09-20

Thats so nice... keep it up lol. would love to see some comments on mine..

love me now at 2005-09-20

I see where your coming form

lisa shaw (missy) ( F ) at 2005-09-20

Beautiful i can relate to that poem well done i loved it so much u are on my favourites check out some of my poems plz

Delfidia at 2005-09-20

Oh my God this poem is so good words can't explain the way I feel

Anne at 2005-09-20

Awww...this poem is so cute and really t´really good!!
It was so wonderful to read it .....

and at the moment I feel exactly like this!!

Hope you look at my poems too...

*~*emma*~* at 2005-09-20

Tht was sooooooooooo beautiful i loved it 5/5

Christa at 2005-09-20


bethan at 2005-09-20

So touching i know exaxtly how u feel

jackie at 2005-09-20

Wow one of the best poems i ever read becaz it is all true ive been looking for a poemn that matches how i feel towards some one and i would have to say this is the one i love it great work definately a 5/5

nasra at 2005-09-20

Oooh......this is so sweet!!very few an express themselves like that...keep it up.

Adriana Iovino at 2005-09-20

Really good i like it

Adriana Iovino at 2005-09-20

Really good i like it

alyssa ( F ) at 2005-09-20

Great write
keep up the good work

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