Comments - I Want A Boy Who Will

Chris ( F P ) at 2005-09-20

Hey I bet we would be good Together

obsessedgurl ( F C D ) at 2006-02-08

I want a boy like that, too! I think every girl does, but it's funny because he's the rarest kind! Anyway, keep writing!

Hope at 2007-05-18

That was a beautiful poem, it almost made me cry how great it was. I was so happy, you make me want to write a poem about what I want in a guy... (I think I might) but I am so against copeying so I will think from the heart like you did. You are an inspiration, thank you for the poem!

CATHERINE at 2007-05-19

that's also my ideal man!!!
keep up the good work...
i'll wait for your other masterpiece!!!!!!!

bekka at 2007-05-19

I am new and ive been reading all the awesome poems.. and i was truely touched by this poem, i was sitting her in tears by the time it said about calling me beautiful..

great job hun, i don't cry much at all.. takes something great to touch me, good job.
xx bekka xx

molly at 2007-05-26

I would love a boy like that

bluecrush at 2007-05-27

Simply beautiful

Henry at 2007-05-28

Nice poem. made me cry still tearing, its just it reminds me of how i was with my gf. Always would do that stuff for her and she woudl love it just to see that smile on her face those tears in her eyes made it worth the time and the trouble it took to do something for her. Most of all it makes me miss her and the stuff we used to do. She moved away and her dad wont let us talk anymore. Anyways nice poem 5.0 easily.

14 and crying ( F C ) at 2007-05-29

This is a great poem and im speechless.....

Henry at 2007-06-03

Once again its amazing, your poem.. all my friends that are girls want that kind of guy and i think that every girls dream guy. Keep looking ladies theres guys like that out there that arent taken or there are guys out there that are taken and not appreciated, find one of them and make them your own..... anyways your poem is "b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l"

LOV3 m3 or l3aV3 M3 at 2007-06-06

I first saw this poem i was like she want a lot and life is 2 short to be picky, but after i read it i waz touched. i blieve that everygurl deserve a guy lyke dat, but they are very rarely, keep up the good work. i love the poem

nicole at 2007-06-30

I love this poem that i wat i want in a boy to every girl does and their very hard to find sometimes good luck and keep writting

Steph at 2007-08-21

Thats long! lol

Megan at 2007-09-02

This was great. I think it would have been cool if, since u called him a "boy" through out the whole thing, you said something like "I guess what i really need is a Man then." at the end cause if he had all that he wouldn't really be a "boy" would he? Anyway, just a little feedback, hope u don't mind. sry if i said something wrong. keep it up though!

Jessica Portillo at 2007-09-14

I have a man just like that and i thank god for his presence.

Slowing Falling Apart Inside ( F ) at 2007-10-15

When you find him...see if he has a brother for me...

Slowing Falling Apart Inside ( F ) at 2007-10-15

When you find him...see if he has a brother for me...

XxHiding Behing This Plastered M at 2007-10-25

Awesome poem. truly amazing. reminds me of my man. haha. keep looking hun. he's out there somewhere. you've just not found him yet. =) anyway, keep it up.

Yessica Lepe at 2007-12-27

Truly Perfect!: ]
I want this boy!

shay at 2008-01-28

Hi um i really like this poem the reasons that i do is because i have been tring to get my boyfriend to do the same things and more i wish u the best of luck!!!!!

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