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Mike at 2006-01-19

Wish I could have had this poem before I split up with my gf. Well done.

Mike at 2006-01-19

Wish I could have had this poem before I split up with my gf. Well done.

Gary Jurechka ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-19

This is very touching.The rhyme scheme is good and it flows nicely(though you may want to touch up a few tachnical aspects-a few commas needed and instead of Ive and its-I've and it's.losing instead of loosing-nothing major, just a few touch-ups.That aside,you express yourself so well here and the emotion you invoke is so strong it really seeps into the heart.It really is so hard to say good-bye when a part of us don't want to, but another part knows better.(I also love the title, which happens to be one of the song title of my favorite band, The Stone Roses).Grat piece here, StephyG, keep up the good work!

Cueball24 ( F C ) at 2006-01-19

Wow. I cried. I really did. *wipes tears away* That was very good though sad.

Angel of Dreams ( C ) at 2006-01-19

Oh it's sad but it caries alot of deep and wonderful emotions of great love
thanks for commenting on my poem it meant alot
Amira :)

sonia at 2006-01-20

Omg gurl this poem is so inspired. thank u for commenting on my poem. this poem is like awesome beond bellive. i can totally relate to this poem in like so many ways. u write what other people feel. and it takes talent to do that. keep writing because i love the way u write.
p.s. keep writing because i have read alot of poems and this is about 1 out of the few that i can actully realate to. lol

Dean Rands ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-20

Wow - I loved it!!! I have to say that I have been in a very similar situation and boy was it hard? If the poem applies to you - I hope your ok!!! 5/5 =)

michelle at 2006-01-21

Omg thiz made me cry omg thiz poem is so so so good i love it plz comment on mine

Cognitive at 2006-01-23

That's beautiful :)

Lovely rhyme in it!!

martha shaw ( C ) at 2006-01-23

Your poem is good but the words didn't flow vwey well together but it was a good poem.

Cuddles ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-23

Amazing comes to mind when I think of this poem, but it is so much better than amazing. You're a lot stronger than me. It's hard for me to say goodbye for a day, nevermind breaking things off.

Rachel leigh ( F ) at 2006-01-23

Wow.. that was an amazing poem!! if ever someones been in those circumstances, unfortuantaly i have, you have taken the words write from my heart and the words from my very mouth, and (better then i ever could) written a magnificent poem... keep up the great work, and i look forward to reading your future poems..!!


Alba Miranda at 2006-01-24

I enjoyed reading your poem. You know it's good when it's long but you just can't stop reading till you know the end! Truly a great poem

Hope at 2006-01-25

That poem was really really good. It is so true. I know exactly how you feel, the hardest thing to do is work up the nerve to say goodbye. But when you have to, you have to.You are a very talented writer.

gina ( F C D ) at 2006-01-26

Great poem. the rhyme fits perfectly. the content is deep and emotional. great from beginning to end. few can write this way. it flows very very well. great job. keep writing!


sexicowwss at 2006-02-03

Hell with me !~ this women has talent
shit thats like the best poem i've ever read i have to admit ! you should write songs in ur carea lols in my point if i had talent like you i'd be a songwriter . amazing chick here people! this girl is the girl with sexy styles~ hhahaaha

neways love your poem

mwau xox hanniehs

lynn at 2006-02-04

O my god.. u are a very good writer,on the real side

Ankit V Master at 2006-06-20

U know sweety your poems r so very real , not mannered not vague.To the point expressing every detail of your emotion.Good work.

Alicia Salcedo at 2007-06-08

This is a niice reminds me of me and my ex..i said those things to him.. ur poem


branelle at 2007-06-23

I luv it

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