Comments - Love Rains Down

¸.´*`•d0rA ( F C ) at 2006-03-05

Hey darl beautifully written. great j0b!!

Simon Hayes ( F C D ) at 2006-03-06

Magnificent! Amazing, loving write! A divine poem Darien, truly wonderful!

Cuddles ( F P C D ) at 2006-03-07

It's so cute! The whole shy guy thing kind of gets to me. It's adorable. Divinely lovely write!

As night fades into day© ( F ) at 2006-03-07

I love this poem. so meaningful and just beautiful. was it based on anything you've been through? anyway it was beautiful.

pearl at 2006-03-10

Your poem is extremmmmmly great!

The Wingless ( F P C D ) at 2006-03-10

This was a great poem. I really like the way it was introduced, and from there it stayed with strong rhymes and a strong poem. I'm sure whoever it's for would like it. (If it's for someone)

The rain has stopped,
as the sun peaks through.
A rainbow can be seen,
but baby I'm looking at you.

That seems to be the best ending I have ever read out of any poem so far.

Fernanda at 2006-03-10

Wow this is a really cute poem good job! :]

*~innocent crybaby~* ( C ) at 2006-03-10

That was so sweet...whom ever this was about must be very special...great poem...

Innocent Crybaby*

rar ( F C ) at 2006-03-11

Hey this is a very good poem. i like how u write. good job

Britany at 2006-03-11

I think it is vary nice!

shobhana kumar ( F C D ) at 2006-03-11

Great work, Darien!

a nice simple idea done into a great story.

good luck and peace

Michelle at 2006-03-11

This is so sweet, I love it.

Maggie at 2006-03-11

Oh my goodness this is amazing... i love it ♥

sayo ( C ) at 2006-03-11

DANG! this is a good poem boy who ever ur girl is should be happy she got a poet has a bf and a poem thats so lovely dedicated to her :) (check out my poem love is...)

Brittney Booh at 2006-03-12

THis is really good and very sweet.

Tisha ( F P C ) at 2006-03-13

AWWWW,Not only do you have a dark side you have a sweet side too.Can't beat Very sweet meaning behind this poem.

rar ( F C ) at 2006-03-26

Heyy this is a cute poem. good job. i like how u write

♥Angela♥ ( F P C D ) at 2006-03-31

Very sweet and precious...... young love...... great rhyme and flow. Beautifully written.

Smiles, Hugs and Love, Angela (mom)

├Truely_Spoken┤ ( F P C ) at 2006-04-18

I frame a picture i took with my mind! that was a great line, great conecpt = great poem
if you have the chance, please check out my poem impulse
- Words are only treasured when they are truely spoken

Bridgette ( F P C D ) at 2006-05-19

Aw that is such a sweet poem. I loved it from beginning to end. You described everything so beautifully and I love the last line of it.. It was so sweet and absolutely adorable. You did such a great job on this! I loved it!

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