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Anonymous ( C ) at 2006-11-14

This poem is full of even more AMAZING! I like how you resolved it in the end, and found it a little funny, actually. It flowed very well. I think you deserve another 5. ;]

AntiSocial16 ( F P C ) at 2006-11-15

Empowering and beautiful-5/5

ily ( F P C D ) at 2006-11-17

Okay, I can totally relate.
-Wipes Eyes.- Lol, yes it made me cry. eek.


This poem rocked. The first stanza was perfect. :]
And it just got better from there, hun.
THe emotion was great, the flow was perfect, along with the rhyming. Didn't seem forced or anything.

Great Job. 5/5.

SouthernღCharm ( F P C D ) at 2006-11-17

That's right girl. Any guy that cheats is NEVER good enough. If he's going to break your heart, and lie to your face then he deserves in hell. Cheating is the lowest of the low. Keep your head up girl. Great poem too. 5/5
Don't let that you-know-what get you down. Lol. Laters =>


AlexAndra at 2006-11-19

Wow... your poetry is amazing!! keep it up!!!

Emily Jo at 2006-11-19

That poem was GREAT. it had so much emotion in it. i can understand what your going through...its happened to me before....they day before our 7 month anniversary....but ive realised, im better than him, and i hope you realise that too...
great poem...


EbonyEyez at 2006-11-19

I liked it allllllooooooottttt

Lynzie ( P ) at 2006-11-20

I love it and yeah i can totally relate! 5/5 keep writin

superman15 at 2006-11-20

Wow this is solid.
check out my collection and let me know what u think.

racheal at 2006-11-20

So true

Amy at 2006-11-20

Hey,i just found out my boyf slept wid anuva gal, n he lied bout if for ages, so i can so relate to this.only difference, is i still cant let go.great poem tho,if only it were that easy!lol def 5 xx

-x-Jade-x- at 2006-11-20

Aww i love your poem it makes so much sense xx well done =]

Cara at 2006-11-20

Omg that poem was sooo good. and so true!

♥*I carved your name on my wri at 2006-11-20

I can totally relate to this poem... i love it!! * favs*

asia ( C ) at 2006-11-20

5/5 i loved ur poem alot i can relate 2 this from all the relationships i've been in i hope u find someone better

latoya at 2006-11-20

Great writing that many can relate to, i've been in similar situation, one thing i will say is that u learn how to get over it, though it may take time. your heart gets stronger and resistant to potential pain. keep up the good work girl.

Zoey at 2006-11-21

Omg thats a really reallygood poem

trisha at 2006-11-21

This was a very interesting poem and i liked it alot

Beth at 2006-11-21

Ahh. nice poem... it reminds me a bit TOO much of my EX boyfriend...
Im sure that there are tons of us out there who can relate...(me being one of them )
Well done!

Marissa at 2006-11-21

HeY WeLl I ReALlY lOvEd yOuR pOeM!!!

YeA WeLl nO bOy Is wOrTh yOuR TeArs!!!!

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