Comments - Hand in Hand

Tom Swart ( F P C ) at 2006-12-30

Wow nice poem and nice write. I really enjoyed this work of yours. I look forward to reading and enjoying more of your thoughts put to paper. Bravo!!

XxFallenxFromxGracexX ( F P C D ) at 2006-12-31

Omg this poem is sooooo sweet and i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow its just so awesome!!!! keep up the great work hun!!
Luv FallenxFromxGrace

Mousie ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-01

Aww omg too cute... i really loved it, it was written so nicely, i could completely picture it all. very nicely written, as always! 5/5

michelle ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-01

Awwwwwwwww how sweet!!!! really good poem. i enjoyed it. great job! 5/5

♥LuvSuxGetDrunk♥ ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-02

Awwwh, I loved this one.
It was so beautiful and sweet.
Everything flowed very well and the imagery was a joy to read.
As always, a wonderful job.

~if only he knew~ ( F P C ) at 2007-01-03

Awww how sweet i like this 5/5

mistressxsork ( F C D ) at 2007-01-04

Overall.. the poem was well.. good. Unfair... because I was supposed to be harsh. Anyway..

''Everything seems to melt away,
Faster then the drop of a dime,
As night dissolves to day,
We lose more precious time.''

For some reason that stanza made me wanna stop reading this poem. It seemed a little rushed. Well.. good work I suppose.. humf. 4.8/5

Cindy ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-05

What a beautiful poem. I can picture it in my mind. So lovely! The flow the discreption are all so wonderful! This has to be one of the best love poems I have read. Take care Cindy

Italian Stallion ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-05

Wow, Just wow, I am stunned. I loved it. Very nicely written. Your choice of words and the flow were both nicely done as well as the strucutre. Amazing Job. Keep up the outstanding work.

Peace, Joe

Michael D Nalley ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-05

The outstanding imagery in this romantic love poem is enhanced by your poetic choice of heavenly metaphors blended with the rhythm flowing from your heart. In other words I love it

Reggie Jay at 2007-01-06

This Poem is really really good man. This is a serious talent here. good job

and thnks for the comment

goran ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-06

This is really a perfect poem which is written perfectly. you are an awsome poet, keep it up

Tripp ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-06

An absolutely amazing poem...poems written about love always come off the most strongly to me...there's so much emotion in this. I love it. I know exactly how you feel. I've been graced by this amazing girl entering my life.

it's hard to pick out one stanza from this poem to congratulate you on...mainly because the entire thing was filled with only great sections. this was an 'all killer, no filler' type of work :). very nice. great job


яoиa ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-06

Beautiful!!! That took my breath away for a second! No lies! That's a sweet poem you have there! Terrific job! Well, I have no suggestions on how to improve it, cos it's fine the way it is =P
btw, thanks for your comment! =)

ashley at 2007-01-06

This is so sweet and adorable..... you really do have mad skills with a pencil!!!!

Rachel Barnett ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-06

This is beautiful. I like the repetition of hand in hand. I have one suggestion, that you remove ever from the last line of the first stanza for the purpose of flow. Great poem!

becca ♥ ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-06

I love this poem.. its flows really nicely and its written so well.. it paints a picture .. its so great the only thing that is alittle off is in third line in the last stanza its a little too long

Taylor ( F P C D ) at 2007-01-07

Karl, (may I call you carl, or 'Mr. Wild' lol) I want to thank you so much for writing this poem. You have no possible idea how much it really touched me. Really.. this is your best in my opinion. You describe the experience quite exquisitely. Thank you.

Bethany at 2007-01-08

Dude, you have an awesome tallant!

lexie ( P C D ) at 2007-01-08

This was so beautifully written,its amazing the effect love has on people.this girl must be really lucky to have a guy like you.great job 5/5

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