myshiningstar14 ( F P C ) at 2007-03-21

Just replace the otehr one with this one..good job


Pamela ( C D ) at 2007-03-22

I love this poem so much. It is everything that I'm looking for. Someone who will be my hero. Great poem.


Kelsie ( F C ) at 2007-05-31

That was the best poem ive read in a while...great job

chelsea at 2007-06-01

Oh wow....that is something i wanted to hear. It was amazing. i admire you cuz i have never been able to write something like that and it touched my heart. Thank you!

Erin ( F C ) at 2007-06-01

Aww this is reallly cute!! 5/5 check out some of mine if u want

Estefania ( F C ) at 2007-06-15

Hey really great poem really liked it, its really nice keep it up! 5/5

Hebe ( F P C ) at 2007-07-04

This poem is so sweet.
I really like it.
Beautiful written, a pleasure to read.
Take care

Kristin ( F P ) at 2007-07-10

Wow that was really beautiful. and your completely right, everyone does need something
Great job


ashley at 2007-07-23

WOW!!!! i love it sam and i had sum1 who did all tat stuff for me andthen i moved and now i we are not together anymore!! but i lvoe ya and this was great i lve y aboy AsHarris

Danielle at 2007-07-27

I really like this poem.

samantha ( F P C ) at 2007-10-12

Outstanding!! i wish someone would be able to see past my fake smile...but until then, i have to pretend to be happy and show no pain. i really like this poem because in a way, it was as if it was speaking to me...well most of it anyways...thank you for posting that one

Kasey at 2007-10-12

Great poem

StOrY oF a GiRL at 2007-10-18

This is a great poem that's what we girls need, a guy that ccan write and make sweet somethings of nothings at all. Good Job!

Brandy at 2007-10-23

Woww!!! Thats all i can think to say right now. Just....WOWWW!!! That poem is absolutely amazing!! And it describes me. Im one of those girls walking around with the fake smile, and the tears in her eyes, just wanting someone to be there to make it better.

Beyond In LOVE ( F C ) at 2007-11-13

That was awesome! i loved it b/c i think every girl needs someone to be their superhero! Awesome job! 5/5!

ashley at 2007-12-19

Ur completely rite we all do need someone

June ( F P C ) at 2007-12-29

That was such a lovely poem and so true because we all need someone.Well done on such a great write.

gabriella ( C ) at 2008-01-03

Omg i love this poem i feel like the someone but i am sure soo many other peole feel that way too. it was well written charming and beautiful. i love it 5/5 good luck to the someone

amber ( F P C ) at 2008-01-05

This is a very deep, very heartfelt, very beautifully penned piece. I love it and you are defiantely going in my favorites list lol. You're amazing. I especially love the last two lines. that's what really got me. it's amazing.
thanks for the amazing write. . . .look forward to reading more.

heather at 2008-01-10

Nice p0em! its very true!

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