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Jackie Bilson ( F P C D ) at 2004-10-14

That's so cute and so sweet. I absolutely love it.

Alana at 2004-11-24

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! rated it a 5! great job hehe!!

xox *lannybear*

danielle at 2004-11-28

nice poem!!! i really liked it. Keep up the good work

kelly at 2004-12-18

Thats a badass poem! Girl dont worry bout 'em hataz they just mad cuzz they cant write shit like that and you can.Dont let no one bring you down! love ya always

Jessica Mann at 2005-01-17

i love it......please vote for mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Mann at 2005-01-17

i love it......please vote for mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prettygreeneyes at 2005-01-20

This is my first vote.Ur poems great!!!

sanya at 2005-02-19

The last line is really sweet .....

Emmanuel Sebolai ( C ) at 2005-03-21

that was so good I really am lost for words!

Hayley-(I LOVE SKYLAR) at 2005-03-22

awww! This is how i was! I met my boyfriend over the net and we started out as friends and just kept flirting, but i thought of us as more than just flirting partners! Well we would always talk about how much we loved each other and one night he just asked me if i would go out with him and i said yes, or course, but the thing is i was always hopeing that we could be together and when we finally were i was so happy! So you might not have that guy at first...but if you really like him just wait cuz you will never know how he feels until you tell him how you feel! Oh and he wont be as open with his feelings for you as you want him to be so just ask him how he feels and ask him for a chance!
P.S. If you ever need to talk about anything, feel free to email me!!

=*=Xtina=*= at 2005-03-24

wow.. i just had to say.. that was soo
C-U-T-E!! no joek now.. awww loved it!

Jackie Avila at 2005-04-08

this is very cute!! i loved it.. keep it up! 5/5

much luv
-lil mami

Asian AnGeL at 2005-04-29

Awww how cute...

Linda at 2005-05-04

it goes 4 many pplz...

jamie at 2005-06-02

That was good.. 5/5 i know what ya mean lol i think everyone has had those dreams!

Jess ( F P C ) at 2005-06-15

Loved this poem!!good job!keep up the good work!*hugs*

Poohbaby at 2005-07-15

good job

~J-&-R~ at 2005-07-16

keep it up

mkhoviyeun ( F C D ) at 2005-07-19

great poem! i like it-like it! 25/5! =)

Olivia at 2005-07-20

this is a great poem and i can really really relate to it...


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