Comments - You're the Only One

VaNiLLa PaiN ( F C D ) at 2007-08-08

That is really cute! And it's a little sad. Good job! keep writng. I hope to read much more from you soon.

pInKYbOO19 at 2007-08-08

Ur not bad. at was really nice reading ur poem.

Tiffaney at 2007-08-08

I like that poem i added it to my favorites ur a really good writer

[C]hloe at 2007-08-08

This is really cool, you are better then you think. :)

Megss at 2007-08-08

I really liked your poem, it was really good.

BrOkEn HeArT FuLl Of lOvE ( F P C D ) at 2007-08-08

This is awesome!!

Demi at 2007-08-09

Thats a really cute poem '-'

cuzimaposer ( F C D ) at 2007-08-09

I wish a guy would say that to me and mean it..that was a really good poem,like a wow poem.
but i have a suggestion, in the stanza ~who understands my life;every mistake i've ever done~ maybe you could change it to every mistake i have ever made.
anyway excellent work

Jennycartoke at 2007-08-10

This is really cute! :)
Good job.

livin in a lonely hell ( F P C D ) at 2007-08-11

This is really sweet me like alot 5/5


xDeadVampirePrincessx ( F P C ) at 2007-08-11

Awwwww this is soooo cute <333

Apey at 2007-08-11

AAAAAAAAAAWWWWW thats so sweet i like it a lot, ur only 14 and u can do better love poems then me haha (wow i suck)

Alone in the darkness ( F C ) at 2007-08-11

I love it!!

xxBrokenHeartedMandaxx ( F P C D ) at 2007-08-15

Really good poem..never say ur bad at writing poems..when u put ur heart into it, it comes out wonderful..if it's how u feel then it's beautiful in it's own special way. 5/5


gIrL ( F P C D ) at 2007-08-15

AWESOME!! keep up the gd work Alex 5/5 :)

Kristin ( F P ) at 2007-08-19

That was a beautiful poem, your very talented.
It really touched me.
I think thats what love is never wanting to part.


Helen ( C D ) at 2007-08-23

Aww such a sweet poem :) its so touching.

xXchattynattyXx ( F ) at 2007-08-25

Great Poem fork XD. 5/5 from muah, ill ttyl
keep up the good work i lvoe all your poems hehe...

spoon ur l-l