Comments - Hanging By A Moment

*Charisma* ( F P C D ) at 2007-09-18

Beautiful! This piece was FULL of imagery and emotion.
Instead she had mumbled that she had to go
^that line really packed a punch to me. How it hurts to not give or recieve an answer when it's asked for. Good job Gem!

Kelly ( F P C ) at 2007-09-18

What a heartwarming poem. So sweet and sincere.
You really get the shock across as well as the realsiation that this is no bad thing, the love comes through effortlessy in the poem.
Wonderful, as always.


Trevor at 2007-09-18

Awsome ! "it feels so true thats how i feel when i am with you" (meaning my true love) just added you to my favorites ! i loved it

truelyonee at 2007-09-19

Aww this is amazing =]
i love it

Krzysztof J ( F P C ) at 2007-09-19

Awwww made me feel so warm inside :)
i missed your poems :) 5/5 as always Gem :)

Beatrice at 2007-09-19

Oh I so loved this poem it was amazing...I give it a 5. Outstanding Work!

xXx Jenni xXx ( F P C D ) at 2007-09-19

I loved this...this is breathtakingly beautiful.
I loved how it was the girl proposing and not the guy ^^
You did a wonderful job on this.

Jstuckie ( C ) at 2007-09-19

Nice poem i enjoyed it

comment back :)

Romantic Lover ( F P C D ) at 2007-09-19

Another excellent poem. Sounds exactly like my story except my ending isn't as perfect.
Great job.

Nz0 ( F C D ) at 2007-09-19

DAAM that was a great poem, but y did u call it Haning by a Moment !?
i was gonna do 1 called that grrr
ill just hav to make mine better =p
.........oh brilliant job btw 5/5 =D

yo at 2007-09-19

Omg!!it great no EXCELLENT great job dude!!!!!

Kat ( F C D ) at 2007-09-19

"I'll be hanging by a moment 'til you give me the sign"

I really really love this line. This whole poem is captivating. Wonderfuly written. I want that to happen to me. :) 5/5!


HOLLYWOODxBANGBANG ( F P C D ) at 2007-09-20

You already know that from the first time I read it. Every line in it is so well written that the reader is able to pull themselves into your words and put themselves in the situation that you wrote about. Probably my favorite from you as of yet, ;)


Viola x LaughLoveLive x ( F P C D ) at 2007-09-21

This was heartfelt and beautiful.
I loved how the beginnnig starts out sad but then the ending is so sweet. This demonstrates that true love wins over all. An amazing piece. great work! =] keep it up.

Taz ( F C ) at 2007-09-24

Wow this was a real stunna of a poem and i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

emilyy at 2007-09-25

Awwww how sweet. i love it.

stephanie at 2007-09-25

Love this poem. its awesome!

CompletelyInLove at 2007-09-26

Aww this one is soo cute :)

i love your use of makes it so much more interesting......great job i love it


Dora ( F C ) at 2007-09-30

Gem i hvnt spoken to u in ages. i hope uve been good. this poem was really good there was so much emotion keep it up xx

Prophecies In Kodak ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-02

Haha. This actually made me smile. I could place myself in the situation and kind of see it in my mind. It really was a nice story. And I liked it, very much.
Especially the rhyme and flow. This was so easy to read.

5/5. most definately.

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