Comments - My Loyalty to You

Seductive ( F P C ) at 2005-04-26

u spelled please wrong ,were u said please rate, but besides that it was a cute, let me quess ur in love with ur best friend? check me out i have a few of my own. vote & rate so i can get feed back.thanks

Dani Fitch ( F P C ) at 2005-05-01

nah im not in love with my best friend. he was just having a tough time and i cared about him alot. lol thanx for the vocab check. i wrote that poem in grade 8 so it was a faaaair while back! anyway, ill check ur poems out hunny, take it easy

Brooke at 2005-05-11

Aww Dani, that was the cutest poem I have ever read. I loved it. I hope Greg liked it too. I give it a 5/5. It was soo awesome. Hope to see more greatness from you. love ya! mwa!

Robin at 2005-05-21

this peom is sssooo sweet...i luv it i gave it a 5!!!!!!i hope to talk to u sumtime until then bye
ur friend Robin

caroline at 2005-07-02

wow! i really liked your poem, i think is a grat poem and i guess you or your friend really know how to write poetry!!!! :)

*~Emma~* ( F C D ) at 2005-12-07

Sweetie, i would love to have a friend like you! and i would have loved to hear those words, im sure your friend was flattered! luv em

ЂŁǻььιηġ ЂŁůέ ( F P C D ) at 2006-11-16

I love it,
it is so very cute and loyal,
hopefully you really mean what you say,
hopefully you have thought about what you said because if there is a situation and you said what you said, hopefully you will live up to it.
which i am sure you will

IrMa BaLlEr32 BeNaViDeS at 2007-10-30

Nice..i liked ur poem..aww so sweet!