Flor at 2008-03-29

A great piece⦠Bravo!!!!!
To let go of a person who is very dear to you is not that easy. It really caused so much pain but sometimes we have accept that some things never meant for us⦠I also had my share of this situation, at first it was really painful to let go the person who teaches me how to love unconditionally but as the saying goes "time will heal every pain you had"... Day by day, I endure the pain it wasn't easy I admit. But times comes I learn to accept the fact and slowly I learn to move on. But I never regret that I have been on that situation because it really teaches me so many things (like to love a person without expecting that he will also loved you and most of all I learn the art of letting go..) and it helps me to grow stronger..

YouHaveStolenMyHeart ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-29

Wow... the meanings you put on here speak for themselves. you have a wonderful structure. and really i have no criticism for this one. thanx for telling me the spelling mistakes on mine. i was in a rush that day but i fixed them now. 5/5

noha ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-29

Thanks its realy nice comment i got here and this help me to know that in the world otheres feel like me so im not lonely but it still hurt and i think i will always feel that hurt may be i could live and smile but inside me ,i can't have that smile i used to again

kelly tavern at 2008-03-29

Very unusual poem about living and letting go of someone that you love, but nicely written all the same. The memories that you will keep will help you through harder times.

Take care 5/5

Syn ( F C D ) at 2008-03-30

I agree alot with what youre saying, although our views on love clash.. 5/5


islam at 2008-03-31

Hey miss noha. thnx alot for sendin ma comment as u read my poem and so well,. I read the most of ur poems they r mashallah awsome great. and i knew dat u loved Guy called AMR and right after readin dis poem i relaized dat u slipt up together sorry for this missy but u have to know inside of ur self dat wot u did was right.. cuz its soo bad when u doin somethin n then back Regrettin so my point is dat i wana u to be satisfay from wot u did towards ur Ex-bf now and hope for u a great life time as spendin inshallah your friend Islam.. Aha one more thing, i'd love to write for u Poem for ur love to Amr n how u slipt up if u lemme so.. "im sure ull".. my

poem is >>>An Extra Ordinary Adorable Girl<<

One Time before it was An Awsome Angle came from above, Her wishing, her wanting Is to Find True , magical Love.
She fall in love with an angle guy she thought,
he meant to her everything then she challanged the whole world and Fought,
she gave him her heart as she was totally captured,
he didn't believe that she was belong to him then he did not even wondered,
she loved him so passionly,
she wanted him also so badly,
but he seemed he did not care,
oh Noha i think it's not fair,
dat he wanted to run away as he dare,
but later Noha u gona over come this crisis,
and later too u won't have somethin like this gona be misses,
Just Hold on miss Noha and WAIT,
dats ur destiny and it was ur FATE,
but i know ur heart is pure not knowin word calls HATE,
Take care miss Noha soo,
Don't please let your smile Go,
And just even get to know,
there r lots of people Love YOU...
Your Friend
ISLAM.... I hope u gona like this lil peom i wrote and i hope its gona be even looks like Truth... PEACE

islam at 2008-03-31

Oh dats soo awsome missy and soo im sorry for wot ur feeling now but inshallah u gona be fine later wallahi just forget wot was in da past and lookin forward da future I hope we gona be friends miss noha and promise im gona write for u peom as its gona be my present to u cya missy

noha ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-01

Thanks islam for your kind feeling and your sweet comment

SuNsHiiNeS pOoH bEaR ( C ) at 2008-04-01

It was a good poem.
The emotion was great.
The feeling was strong.
Very good job!

Kaila ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-03

The title really works for this poem
the flow was really good
I liked the repitition
the words meant a lot to me
and it was relatable

Caitlins Rockin Your Socks at 2008-04-03

Love this because you are right, letting go doesn't mean you don't love or care for someone, it means it's the best thing you can do. Great job =)


Olivia Jamison at 2008-04-03

This poem is so true I love it.

Jacqui Armstrong ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-03

Wow explaned it PERFECTLY!
so many people think to let go is to run away or hide from a problem, but you got it perfect, its about not being controlling to others but letting things work out they way they need to no matter weather it benifits you or not!

amazing poem and i love how you put it across!

Well done! keep it up!


BluEyedMemory at 2008-04-04

Wonderful. This poem kinda goes with some things I'm going through right now. I really relate and love the poem.
Emma 5/5

Eman Abdullah at 2008-04-07

Sometimes u say it's time we let go ....easy to say but hard to do ....
great poem

xxHypothetically Speakingxx ( F C D ) at 2008-04-07

Very niice way in getting the point across. I loved everything about it, starting with the voice. Absolutely brilliant. You kept it simple, yet you had a way of saying everything that needed to be said. Also, I liked the way that you wrote this piece in a way that every1 can relate to.
Overall, perfectly and beautifully written

Bond James Bond ( F C ) at 2008-04-09

Marvellous again

Bond James Bond ( F C ) at 2008-04-10

Newtons 3rd law says ... Things that go come again ... Marvellous Job

noha ( F P C D ) at 2008-04-10

This is the best comment i got thanks
Newtons 3rd law says ... Things that go come again

moonlil ( F P C ) at 2008-04-14

Great poem!!!

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