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Ranae at 2008-05-08

Omg that pome was great i loved it.I know that feeling it acctually happened to me last night.

Ranae at 2008-05-08

Omg that pome was great i loved it.I know that feeling it acctually happened to me last night.

Zaanish at 2008-05-11

um speechless

Teria Leeann ( F P C D ) at 2008-06-09

This is an amazing poem as well. I absolutely adored it. of course it's sad... but so many can relate to it. From losing someone by divorce/separation/death... so on. And, you've chosen your words perfectly.

I loved it.
Keep it up.

Hebe ( F P C ) at 2008-07-12

What a beautiful sad poem.
It's terrible when a picture is all that is left of the ones you love.
Fortunately there are also good memories.
Flow and word choice were great.
Take care


Am I your Vampire ( F C ) at 2008-08-14

Wow, beautiful. Great job, 5/5 by far ^^ hope to read more of yours

Infinite Catastrophe aka Alisha ( F P C D ) at 2010-12-20

Firstly, congratulations on the win. You really do deserve it.. even for the title alone. I love it!!
I particularly like how you repeated the first verse at the end.. really got the idea across.

Don't get me wrong.. this poem is amazing how it is.. but I just a had a suggestion...??
In the third verse, second line:

"stains forever left where a smile once stood"

I was thinking that maybe it could have been:

'ghosts forever left...' OR EVEN
'shadows forever left...'

Just a suggestion...!!

But honestly, I absolutely love this piece.. the title alone is poetic beauty!! (:

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Everlasting ( F C D ) at 2011-11-21

Let me tell you one thing, amazing.

The flow is smooth, even though you classified it as a love poem Which is obvious that you or whoever was or is in love. But it's so sad because it's just a one sided love. All that is left are memories, pictures that are the greatest treasure of all the things and many can relate to this piece.

Ste ( C ) at 2012-01-18

It has already been said but I also agree about the clarity of emotion this demonstrates. Since I assume we have all had at least one experience like this we should all be able to write a poem about it. You have already done it for us! I wrote one about old letters, probably before we all had digital cameras, but I like yours just as much if not more.

Kitty Kurse ( F P C D ) at 2012-05-15

It's nice I like how you repeated the first stanza at the end it really brought the poem all together. This poem is sad, I know how it feels when you only have a picture to look at from someone that you will never be able to talk to. The title caught my attention, so all together a beautiful well written poem.

Goddess Poet ( F P C ) at 2012-05-25

Amazing lines! 5/5 for you!

You're one of the great Author on this Site!

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