Comments - Ending Her Cries

Bryan ( F C ) at 2004-08-16

Damn. Now that is what you call a great poem. That in one of the best that I have looked at on this site. You got some skills. Keep it up.

ciara at 2004-08-16

hey...this poem is great your very talented keep writing...c ya


Michele at 2004-08-16

Hey Tyler
I just wanted to say that God really blessed you with somethin special. don't ever lose the love for writing. good job and keep it real.

Eirisa ( F P C D ) at 2004-08-16

OMG! That was such a well written and beautiful poem every part of it i enjoyed...the storyline, the descriptive words and flow you have used! Great job keep it up and if you have a moment check out some of my work

-Tyler- ( F C ) at 2004-08-16

Hey Sorry everyone im at my friends now... So i can get on... I will try and check ur poems out if i can ever figure out whats wrong with this site on my comp... Any suggestions or if u wanna talk u can message me on
Msn -
Or Yahoo - Last_breath_1

Holly at 2004-08-18

thats a really sweet poem and ur really good... i hope i can write poems one day!! lol!

dandy ( F P C ) at 2004-08-18

Holy cow......this poem is so amazing, I don't even knwo where to start. Awesome job is all i can say, and that doesn't even begin to cover the effect this poem had on me, and im sure everyone else who reads it. ~dandy~

Spud White at 2004-08-24

that's a good poem!

Jaimie at 2004-08-26

that is very strong

Angelina at 2004-11-17

Oh my goodness! This was such a great poem. You have such pure talent its amazing. Great job and keep up the good work tyler! :)

TEMPORARY PAIN ( F ) at 2005-06-13

that was awesome!!!

Katryna at 2006-01-22

OMG U MAKE ME TINGLE....send shivers up my spine again...LOVIN IT

sexy mo fo

heather at 2006-10-22

Oh my!!! thats so sad.....: (......just about left me in tears.....its so good though..keep it up..

Wish Upon A Star at 2007-04-18

Wow omg that all most made me cry that was great 5/5 i could def feel emotion in that poem i loved it

BurnsXwithinXmyXheart ( P ) at 2007-10-04

Omg this poem is really really good. I loved it but it was sad...Lol nice work!

enema next door ( C ) at 2007-10-05

Though it's such a sad poem,but it was very touching & so powerful.
i liked a lot. :D
very talented i say 5\5 definitly!!

Sarah at 2007-10-05

Awww =[ Thats Saddd;;
Very Well Written && Touching...x
Love Your Poems Keep Them Going

Love Sazzi<3

x o x o x

Im Not Emo 911 ( F P C ) at 2007-10-06

Wow...that was beautiful, it just brought tears to my eyes...keep up the awesome work!

Kristina ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-16

Omg... this was amazing!! I had tears in my eyes... at first i was like... aww that is super sweet, what every girls wants, but as i read on, i was expecting a big fight and a happy ending, but boy what a surprise!!! lol.. that was really sad.. but I LOVED IT!!! wow... keep up the amazing work! i can't wait to read more (this is sooo going in my favorites!!!) if i could give it a 20 i would!! haha 20/20+

Kristina ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-16

OMG!! AMAZING!! wow.. that was super good.. i was reading it and was like "aww.. this is soo sweet, its what every girl wants when this happens to her" but then it took an unexpected turn.. wow!! i love it when guys can write like this.. you are amazing!! keep it up!! *if i could give this a 20, i would!!!! *
20/20!!! lol

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