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Caroline at 2004-11-19

that is really really are my only favorite 'author' (for this website)

DooDee ( P ) at 2004-11-20

verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beautiful poem :) i loved it ... u have real talent ... i wish u two the best ... keep on the good work

Kara at 2004-11-20

This poem was excellent! i loved it! it decrides the way i feel right now perfectly! keep up the awesome writting!

lady pimp ( F ) at 2004-11-21

hey was up?well i think ur poem is so great i loved it and i almost ended up in tears. it really reminds me of my boyfriend. its so cute keep up da good work cuz ur doing great so far.well i hope u get a chance 2 read my poems if u do plz vote and comment.ohh ur poems should be a 10.0 instead of a 5.0 well keep it up.much luv ur 1 and only,LADY PIMP.

Sarah ( F C ) at 2004-11-21

I loved your poem. I know how you feel. It was so touching, and filled with happy thoughts. You should check out my poem "Un amie special," it hits the same note. Love is a wonderful thing.

§The Only Rose In This Desert§

Shanae at 2004-11-21

Hi i'm Shanae an di juz wanna let u no 2 keep righten i luved ur poem and that i feel that way right now so can relate.

Abz ( F P C ) at 2004-11-21

Brilliant, simpley brilliant.

Bubbles at 2004-11-21

Awww.. that poem was sweet and it reminded me of how i feel for someone.

Katie at 2004-11-22

there isnt a 1000000 excellent button but this poem deservs it

allison at 2004-11-22

I loved your poem and dont ever let that boy go!

Kenneth at 2004-11-22

Awesome poem. It brings me happines to know that someone is feeling the same as me and my girl. That poem describes what we feel. It's beautiful. Great job!

cortrea at 2004-11-22

great poem really good youve got talent girl

JodiAnn at 2004-11-22

Awe. That is so cute.. tears.. Keep writing that was very nice. You should
read some of my poems sometimes.

sau at 2004-11-23


sau at 2004-11-23


Emily Strickland ( F P ) at 2004-11-23

Thanks so much everyone for all your comments they really mean a lot to me and I always enjoy seeing my poem on the top rated knowing that you all love it. Please keep the comments coming and you all are so great! thanks so much!

Eirisa ( F P C D ) at 2004-11-24

Beautifully written whatta lucky guy!

Kudos my friend a brilliant read!

Luv Eirisa

Short One at 2004-12-20

This poem was perfectly written. I loved it. Keep up the good writing! :)

Red Charm ( F P C ) at 2005-04-26

Great poem. Thats so sweet.

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