Comments - Bed Of Blood

Alexis at 2005-02-12

this is awesum! i cried readin this

whyte chocolate at 2005-02-12

omg i love it it hink its so sweet......well not tha ending well tha ending too but yea u get it....i think its great it totaly deserves a 5 entirley i love it!!!!

I*Am*Such*A*Princess* at 2005-02-12

OMG! This poem was SO SO SOOO sad! It made me cry! :'( It was awesome, but really sad. I liked it :-D Good Job!

Bernadette at 2005-02-12

Omg girl.. that poem was proly the best ive ever read.. made me cry.. keep it up

savannah ( F C D ) at 2005-02-12

omg so0 sad and awsome i love it keep it up .. is that true?

Rachel ( F P C D ) at 2005-02-12

this poem was sad and touching but it conveys the a modern Romeo and Juliet.......the beginning reminded me of my boi b/c its long distance and how i wuld feel of that happened to us.......AWESOME POEM!!!

*HeAvEnLy.:.AnGeL* at 2005-02-12

excellent poem!!I like it!!Good job and keep up the good work!!

oh just someone at 2005-02-12

oh gosh this brought tears to mi eyes AWESOME JOB!!!! *high five*

Nickie ( F P ) at 2005-02-12

Omg seriously this is the BEST poem I've EVER's very sad but very very well really has a great're an awesome write have a great talent keep up the good work! I loved it!
I deff give it a 5 but if I could I'd give it a 5000000 great job! Loved it!!!!!


Rose at 2005-02-12

what a very tragic death but at least they're together again!

*butterfly ยง kisses* ( F P ) at 2005-02-12

This poem is just wonderful! Sad but still a great story of true love. You're a great writer and I can't wait to read more of your poems. Check out mine plz if you get the chance thanks! :)


Kathryn ( F ) at 2005-02-12

A really well written poem x x x

Heathergirl ( F P C D ) at 2005-02-12

Very long but i loved it, good work...

Liz S ( F P ) at 2005-02-12

Wow I absoulty loved it not many things bring me to tears and it did it was really sweet and cute... Id probably do the same if I lost the one I loved... well good luck with everything else you write and do

dezaray at 2005-02-12

i love this poem it is so loveing

Emmaleigh at 2005-02-12

you are a good poet last year i lost my daughter and my boyfriend in a car accident i was only 15 i knew there was something else out there for me its been a year ago yesterday and reading your poem made me see things alot clearer than ever before you made my eye open up\I want to THANK YOU

tailz at 2005-02-12

i wish i could write like dat

Rachel at 2005-02-12

I love this poem. It brought tears to my eyes. I love your work.

Amanda at 2005-02-12

That was great... it gave me chills... lol I love it... you should read some of mine, they aren't as good, but hey, you might like them! :)

Sandra at 2005-02-12

I LOVE ur poem, Kayla!
Its sad but also really beautiful :-)!
I still got tears in my eyes!
Keep on the good work.
Luv S.

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