Comments - The Last Poem She Wrote

♥♥Christina♥♥ ( F P C D ) at 2005-04-30

that was such a romantic type of poem! 5.0 keep it up!

yesenia at 2005-04-30

this poem was excellent it really did touch me XOXOXOXO TAKE KARE

sarah at 2005-04-30

..that was really really really good... i even cried!

Amanda Bee ( F P C D ) at 2005-04-30

Very nice poem. It was soooo sad! Great job, Amit:)

Erin ( C ) at 2005-04-30

Amit i love your poems!
Thanks you for voting and rating mine also.
Your a great person and truly talented!

<3 Erin

Brandon at 2005-04-30

Great poem!!! I love your poems!!! you are a great writer.

Nickie at 2005-05-01

I hope this wasn't true. but really i feel so bad for that girl. i kinda have felt how she does but i didn't go all the way throguh it.

Laura Rose at 2005-05-01


Heather Robinson at 2005-05-01

I believe that has to be one of the most beautiful poems I have ever read. It was though provoking and the imagery was amazing. You have a wonderful style and I would like to read more from you.
|| ~.:*Heather*:.~||

Kristy at 2005-05-01

This poem was very touching right at the heart and to tell you the truth I think it was the best poem so far...

Renae at 2005-05-02

ohmigod that was so sad i loved it keep it up

Renae at 2005-05-02

ohmigod that was so sad i loved it keep it up

Becky drake ( F C ) at 2005-05-02

once again awesom are good. God has given you some powerful words to share with the world, and I'm so blessed to get to read your words. great job, Love ya Becky

~( )~ at 2005-05-02

hey!congrats!you've done a great job on that poem even though it's very long but's still it's so nice to read again and again.

Jamie at 2005-05-02

aaww that was so sad.. i loved it .. i give you mad props <33 ! = )

Allison Grace at 2005-05-02

it was amazing but predictable sorry

Jamie at 2005-05-02

That poem is so sad it brought tears to my eyes.. you are so good at what you do & i hope i can be as good at writing as you one day ! Good luck in everything you do & never give up ! = )

xx----xx at 2005-05-03

omg that is so sad!!!!

Bethanie John at 2005-05-03

Damn that's sad and very well written.

dan at 2005-05-03

excelant poem keep on wrighting evon tho it is more of a story but who can complain about something that great peace.

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