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larrah ( F ) at 2005-05-08

hey that was a great poem....was it a true story?...keep up your good work!!!

Jessica at 2005-05-08

Omg....this is so good!! it made me cry...i have a best friend that i love very much and he knows but he just wants to be best friends and thats it since he doesnt want to risk that.

Daphne~NoMoreTears~ at 2005-05-08

Great peom. Loved it. 5/5

cassandra at 2005-05-08

very good.

jessica at 2005-05-09

this is a great poem but this is like my friend... i think he still loves me but he wont tell he hids his feeling behind other girls.. so maybe one day

zoraida ( F C ) at 2005-05-09

although it may not b a true story i can relate to thoughs that have felt that love . great GREAT poem keep up the good work, thoughs 30 mins were worth it . i almost criied <3 Zoraida

Jessica at 2005-05-09

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow that was sad but awsome

Eeva at 2005-05-09

Ooooh sooo sweet but also soo sad.... Soo good that I have to give it a ten

Rachie at 2005-05-09

THIS IS SO CUTE. i love it,it's a little long but it's really good, whats it based on?

sarah at 2005-05-09

this is awsome and i liked it alot!

Tiffany at 2005-05-10

aww thats so sad but really sweet im glad you didnt have to go throught that i hope you never do i wish no one would...anyways thats an awsome poem keep it up and dont stop writing or posting i love your work!

samara ( F P C ) at 2005-05-10

awwwww this made me cry lol. its so true though. good point in writng this poem matthew! keep writing! 5/5
xoxo samara

Rose ( F ) at 2005-05-10

When I read your poem I couldn't help
but tear:( Is this story true if I may ask? I'm in the situation with all what you said the same except, we both are still best friends than ever, but yeah he asked me out last year and wev'e become so close, after nine years I never knew it would come true!!! I Love Him So Much and I just want to let you know that I love your poem:)

Alexis at 2005-05-10

I really liked your poem and its context. It sent a great message and emotion was definitely felt keep up the good work.

andrea ( F C D ) at 2005-05-10

omgosh! that was such a sad but excellent poem. it made me cry! im glad that its not true. WOW! thats amazing

Heather Pearcy at 2005-05-10

This is the best poem I Have read on this website altogether....You really know how to get people into the things you are writing....Your talent for writing is wonderful and you should keep on writing for what comes from your heart could affect the hearts of millions....That poem was awsome...You made me feel like I knew the people you had involved....I loved it.Keep it up!!!

Seductive ( F P C ) at 2005-05-10

yo ur work is good, i really liked this 1 , because i was in a situation were this guy liked me n i liked him 2 but i never told, him n he thought i was playing wit him, then he died in all of my fellings were captured inside, so i can relate.

adrienne ( P ) at 2005-05-10

this poem sounds like it is deffinatly from the heart. i totally agree with you that you always have to tell someone you love them no matter how you think they will react.

cariza at 2005-05-10

They should make a romantic movie about this! It made me cry!

Jo Lisa Nunez at 2005-05-11

I think it was deep and meaningful let me know next time you make another poem

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