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Taba Ann at 2005-05-18

This poem is really good, kinda describes me..

Lexi ( F ) at 2005-05-18

Aww, this is such a sweet poem!! You're a really good writer, keep up the good work!

tosha at 2005-05-18

i really understand where ur comin' from i'm there w/the guy that did those things to me too. but i'm still praying that things will soon get better.

Jessica at 2005-05-18

wow thats a really good poem and it reminds me of how i feel! you should look at my poems and comment and rate your good keep it up!

marissa aguilar at 2005-05-19

gR3at lUv it kEeP ^ the gOoD wORk

TornHiddenTears at 2005-05-19

Very good poem
keep up the good work
really liked this poem also

Eryl ( F C D ) at 2005-05-19

Wow! That's soooo Good! I had somtehting simular happen to me. It's horrible.

LIL WESTON ( F C ) at 2005-05-19

hey kid
i dont know who u are but i like this poem its awsome...keep it up...i write 2 but i dont have a lot on this thing cuz i dont have time to type them...but good poem

crystal ( F C D ) at 2005-05-19

i seriously started crying!!!!!

Michelle at 2005-05-20

is this poem true about you because if it is then you dont really need love to keep you happy

Jessie at 2005-05-20

I know how you feel. I am still trying to get over one of my ex's and i have a new bf now but i still love the other one

Laura at 2005-05-20

very nice poem.. good flow and good meaning. I hope you would take time to look at some of mine too.. id love your thoughts! Keep writing and good luck!


Michelle at 2005-05-20

I love it...

Kiki ( P ) at 2005-05-21

Good job!Nice poem!

Nicole at 2005-05-21

wow thats really good. i love it. keep on writing.

GABY at 2005-05-21

this poem is so0o go0d i wish i could write poems like this......i luv it cuz it really relates 2 me in someway....keep up da good work!

Cecylia at 2005-05-21

Wow. I absolutely loved it.

blackroseblood ( F P C D ) at 2005-05-21

I know how this feels and its not the greatest feeling in the world.
Great Job! Keep it up!

Lindsay ( C ) at 2005-05-21

Hey there, this is a really detailed and good poem...its really really good, keep up the good work m8!

Linds x

Alyssa at 2005-05-21

this poem is great!!! I've been through this before and well I still am going through it and it's hard!! best luck:)

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