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~X~Kayla~X~ at 2005-05-18

hey that was a really good poem i bet it was really hard being a mom that age do you ever talk to the dad? you can answer me if you want but good job!:)

JO_PhATgRrl at 2005-05-18

hey i thought that that was a really great poem! it really touched me it reminded me of my cousins they are both 14 and mothers and my other friend is 13 and had her baby on the 3rd but she was different story she was raped. anyways this really made me think about them all. I'm sorry that guys are rotten and arent man enough to handle there damn buisness! well you got some thing far better than a man who cant handle his sh** you got someone who will always love you!
god bless!

lil g at 2005-05-18

i know how you feel i am 16 and my son is going on 3 this summer i know how you feel in every word you say

Amber at 2005-05-18

I really like this and I'm sorry you had to experience this! Thanks for sharing!

alisha at 2005-05-18

wow it is really sad that popem i mean but you have made the most of it and you should be really proud off yourself. you are not the only person that it has happened to and you want be the last. so you go girl!
best wishes alisha!

Brused Angel ( F C D ) at 2005-05-18

This poem really touches me. i love it. good job. You should read some of my poems sometime. dont forget to vote and comment

gemma ( P C ) at 2005-05-18

i think your courage is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! im sure ur son is very lucky child! i hope your very proud! that guy has no idea wat he is missing out on!!!! xxxxxx take care xxxxxx

caiti at 2005-05-18

I just have to say, that was an awesome poem. it really touched me. i can kinda relate. im 16 my boyfriend is 16. we havent been together for a long time or anything but, now im pregnate. i just wish it was easy. but i know it will be hard. he says he will stay by my side but, reading your poem makes me think. youre an awesome writer. if there is any way for you to contact me, i really wish u would. id love to talk to you. it would be nice to have some one who can relate to what im sayin. email me...

Tonaysia at 2005-05-18

THAT POEM WAS BEAUTIFUL made me cry im so so sorry about the man that left you all alone but do you have any advice for a 13 year old thats pregnant do you tell your mother?????

tiffany ( F C ) at 2005-05-18

WOW! great poem! i was not as young i was 18 and i hid the pregnancy until my eigth month, i had a girl and her dad left us, we are better off without him, hes a very selfish person anyone that could not be in there childs life is! 5! please read my new poem MY HUGE SIN it would be greatly appreciated.

jennifer at 2005-05-18

Nice poem how old are you now? Is your son cute im twelve... and female incase you thought i was some creepy gay....

Rebecca ( F C ) at 2005-05-18

This was a very good poem. I know how hard it is for a teen mom, My bestfreind is an 18 year old and also mother of 2. I'm happy you shared this.


Lyndsey at 2005-05-18

If you ever need some comfort that you did the right thing read my poem - bring my baby home - I envy you and the choices you made - I wish i was that strong when I was younger - I have a little girl now, I am blessed, but it never goes away. Good poem.

Paulette at 2005-05-19

thats was a great poems. how old are you now and what ever happened to the dad?

Dzenita at 2005-05-19

hey thid poem is really good i know how it is i hae friends that are young mothers and its not good for them!! i mean they love their child and everything but the ,an who did tht to them umm.. they hate him!! well thanx for sharing this poem if u have any more plzz share u a re an awesome poet !! and we all love u!! soo dont worry cuz we all know how u felt tht year!! well lots luv to u and ur son!! hope ya'll have a great life and goodluck in everything!! lots luv Gina!! oh and if u want email

~!*BaByGuRl*!~ at 2005-05-19

hey i really love ur poem ur a good poem writer i gave u a 5 on it u can read some of my poems if u like and i no what u mean in ur porm it happend to my mom but there back togther but diiviod after 23 years i have 7 brothers and sister now

christina ( C ) at 2005-05-19

wow it was awsome i loved this poem .... and i felt how hard it was for yaa but hey look for the bright side u hv a healthy and mature young man :)
grt poem
always smile

mimi at 2005-05-19

yah my sister is in ur shoes accept that she still has her love by her side... she is very lucky to have a guy lyke him but who nos about the future. an u no wat just hold on an keep ur hopes high u will find that one true man that gods gives u he will come eventually stay strong ~*** mim gurl ***~

Seductive ( F P C ) at 2005-05-19

i loved ur flow, great 1!!!

Angela at 2005-05-19

this is so inspirational, im glad u made it through

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