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sam kings ( F ) at 2005-06-06

~krazie angel:
course you can. theres no need to ask my permission!
im just glad it touched so many of you and want to say thanks for commenting and i really appreciate it.
thanks again.
all my love
sam x

tiffany ( F C ) at 2005-06-06

wow! that was beautiful! If this is true im really sorry! i have several loved ones fighting and i know the feeling watching the news and hoping not to hear their names. words touched my heart! 5!

Lauren ( F C ) at 2005-06-06

wel wot can i say?!? anova amzin poem sam! told u id keep checkin up on u! i realy dont understand how u can make each poem beta den da last! keep it up! luvin ya L xxx
P.S check mine out!

GtnsBbyGrl at 2005-06-06

this poem is so sad i know what ur going through my boyfriend was in the war tolo he came home twice.n the second time he came home i got pregnant n 2 weeks after i found out he was killed in iraq from a suicide bomber.he never found out that he had a baby girl.named cosette marie.n the hardest part is that my baby looks just like her father.he would have been so proud oof his baby angel from above.i only wanted to let u kno that this poem was good n sad but i started to tell u bout me i am so sorry if u wanna e-mail me my addy is

Meghan at 2005-06-06

I am still in tears. a good friend of mine passed over in Iraq a few months ago and everything you said in this poem are the exact thoughts that went through my head and still are. you are a truely an amazing writer.

sam kings ( F ) at 2005-06-06

thank you all so so much for your comments. you have no idea how much they mean to me. im really touched that you all liked this poem and those who can relate to it im so sorry but if you have lost someone who you loved through war (or in any way for that matter) just remember the last two verses and remember that love can NEVER be conquered. im sorry if i cant check out all of your work but i have had a fair few people comment on all of my work and it would be impossible to get back to you straight away. i will get through every single one of you eventually though (even if it takes me all year). lol. oh and GtnsBbyGrl~ my heart goes out to you and wish you cosette marie all the best in life, and hope you find someone who you love almost as much as you loved your late boyfriend.
thanks again.
luv you all so much
sam x

Telina at 2005-06-06

That was a really great poem. I really enjoyed it! Very sad. I'm sorry for your loss. xxx

jon at 2005-06-06

Hey i know everybody is saying great job and everything...but i think they should be saying sorry to you. if this is real this is truly a sad thing that happened to you. Your right that the one we love will never leave us. They will always be in our hearts. look deep enough and u will find them otherwise there soul is with you. keep up the work. my e-mail is if you want to talk.

Broken ( F P C ) at 2005-06-07 so boyfriend is leaving on the 16th to go .....i just hope that everything works out for you...just keep your head strong...take care


Renae at 2005-06-07

This poem really tuched bases with me. I have friends fighting over in iraq that i have known for 10 years and it is hard saying good bye and then not knowing if they are going to come home in one piece or even at all. You are a great writer and i look forward to your next postings.

emily manica at 2005-06-07

i knoe how it is to have someone in the arm
my boyfriend is gone and and i dont knoe anything about him

Chelsy at 2005-06-07

i cried. i hate the military for what it does to some families :/. my bf is getting a medical discharge soon. ily <3. MUAH

switchfootlover at 2005-06-07

that waz sooooo goood it touched me so much and i am sorry to hear of ur loss stay strong! keep on writing coz ur good at it stay tru!!

sam kings ( F ) at 2005-06-07

thanks for all of your comments :o)
sam x x x

kara at 2005-06-07

i really like your poem. hope u decome a poet.

Megan at 2005-06-07

I Love This Poem..Great Job!

lexi at 2005-06-07

koool poem!!!!!!!!!!!! read mine PLEASE

Jess ( F C D ) at 2005-06-07

really good, i hope you really didn't feel like that! that must have been terrible, well keep up the good work! 5/5

Shawnda ( C ) at 2005-06-07

Oh i almost started crying!!! Excelent poem!!!!! Keep Writing~~~~


Fiona at 2005-06-07

The man i love is leaving me to go to iraq ao this really made me cry!

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