Comments - I will still love you...

Jamie B at 2005-07-09

Awesome work!!

Jessica K ( F P C ) at 2005-07-09

Oh my god! That was a perfect poem! your really talented .. seriously keep it up ! Somehow you captured exactly how i felt about this one person i really really liked. Keep writing... ur pro!
Jess xox <3

nicole barrett at 2005-07-09

this is beautiful. your really talented. keep writing from the heart.


rachel ( F P C ) at 2005-07-09

hey i LOVE this poem and i love how u write. everything flows beautifullly and i can totally relate to this poem. it is awful, that feeling of not being able to let go even if u are just doing urself more harm holding on. well anyways keep up the awesome poems.
oh yeah, and ur right cause green day SO TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!!

Natasha P at 2005-07-09

I thought that the poem was great and i inderstand how you feel. So keep up the good work and maybe you should check out the poem that i have written. Good job!

Jess ( F C D ) at 2005-07-10

Good job! That was a very good poem, very sad but well written, good job and keep up the good work! I gave it a 5/5,

Karla at 2005-07-10

Is a really nice poem.

Nanu at 2005-07-10

this is so good i wish i could do as half as you

shavonne at 2005-07-10

nice work
keep writting

Krista at 2005-07-10

THat was great..taht explains exactly waht has happend to me in the past!

Jesslyn at 2005-07-10

I love your poem! Its amazing! I feel your pain there too.... keep up the good work.... can't wait to see your next work!

karen ( F C ) at 2005-07-11

love it!! that was beautiful! keep on writing cant wait to read more!! please come comment on some of mine!!

Adriana at 2005-07-11

Intense and touching

danielle at 2005-07-11

awesome! i love it!

Amanda Patrick at 2005-07-12

I really really like this poem and it gives a LOT of emotion, none to which i can relate to, i keep myself locked up cause i dont want to get hurt by all this craziness "love"..but yes this is a very awesome poem..

dandy ( F P C ) at 2005-07-12

Oh my gosh! I love this poem! The emotion expressed is amazing! Great job!


Jayme at 2005-07-12

Well I feel that you are a great poetry writer, i feel how you are feeling. So I am saying you are very good oh and green day does rock XD.

Lacey at 2005-07-12

I really love this poem it was great

kayla at 2005-07-12

xXx :p thatz so good babe n so true keep it up it meanz alot 2 every1 :P xXx

Failed ( F C ) at 2005-07-12



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