Comments - If Only (You Knew)

TrinityAnderson ( C ) at 2005-08-10

hey i loved it. i relly like the emotions u put into this poem. its relly great. 5/5 yea .. if only he knew also.. but i have lerned to accept the fact that "everythign happens for a reason"... ok b4 i start crying gain.. i jstu wnted to say dat this poem is awesome.. u have talent. plz comment on some of mine also... tc

Amanda at 2005-08-10

i love your poem!!!!!!!!!!

Britnie at 2005-08-10

thats exactly what im going through. it was a very good poem! keep writing!

Justine at 2005-08-11

I LOVE This!! I can totally relate. Please comment on mine too!!!

Licet Batista at 2005-08-11

i relate to ur poem beacuse i cant tell the person i love how much he means to me

minnie at 2005-08-11

a wonderful poem n great work ..........

*~*emma*~* at 2005-08-11

i loved it great read i reali reali lyked keep it up

lisamarie at 2005-08-11

its amazing...

Vicky at 2005-08-11

God, you are good!


Michael D Nalley ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-11

very expressive poem you have tallent

Renae at 2005-08-11

I really enjoyed reading this poem and i think that if most guys or girls knew about how much another person loves them then they would not always have to get their heart broken just to find that special person.

kendra at 2005-08-12

thats g-8 keep up the good work and if a guy told me his true feelings i would so give him a chance i a heart beat...

kendra at 2005-08-12

thats g-8 keep it up and if a guy told me his true feelings like that i would so give him a chance in a heart beat

sarah ( F P C ) at 2005-08-12

i love this poem! you did a VERY good job w/expressing your feeling in words very well. hope you write more i'll definately read them!

Titi at 2005-08-12

this poem is amazing,i can relate to what you wrote, its wonderful

Kaizer at 2005-08-12

Well expressed...beautiful (^^)

Arielyz at 2005-08-12

iiiii loooooooooooooveee it. what i like about it its that its so realistic but it still makes u say "AWWWWWW". excellent job. 5/5!!

Hallie at 2005-08-12

5/5 I love it!!!!!!!!!! this is...well im speechless on how good it is!!!! If u wanna chat out some of my poems!!! go ahead plez!!!! well keep it up!

Chula Sexy Chica at 2005-08-12

damn.....for a guy you are really good...i'm realy feeling your poems..

**she.still.loves.him.** ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-13

I really liked that good job i can really relate check out mine sometime <3<3

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