Comments - The Dangerous Journey Of Love!!!

supriya at 2005-08-31

Helloo....wat u mean by a typical indian girl..yes i am and very proud to be one...neways nice work...and thanks for appreciating mine too:)...and i dint lie about my age it was by mistake ok...take care :)

Tazzy at 2005-09-01

Wow kumar well done u did it again this poem is so deep and emotional i love it keep it up

…°¤•*FallenDreams ( F P C ) at 2005-09-03

Thats excellent every work every rhyme is pure talent great poem! xox fallen

sameeha at 2005-09-19

Excellent.fair.keep writing....please rate on my poems also.

bharti ( F P C D ) at 2005-11-21

u r awesome kumar. l loved the way u write!
i m forced to read ur previous poems also.
and reallly i liked them too.
and thanks 4 ur comments on my poems.
as i m a starter , i got inspiration from u and would try 2 write better. thanx again

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