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Jo **NoT_yOuR_aVeRaGe_MeGaLoMaNi ( P C ) at 2005-11-24

That was really good! i don't normally read love poemz, but that one was a great job!......5/5

flirtaholic2010 at 2005-11-26

Awsome poem!!!!!!!!!!!

(*andrea*) hurtinside ( F P C ) at 2005-11-26

That is so sad but I love it its awsome but kind of sad you really good love it 10/10 lol

Ħė®ŀº§ŧŠм¡£℮ ( F ) at 2005-11-27

OMG!!!!!Awsome poem - this is one of the best poems i have ever read - love it

Jayma100%lovehurts at 2005-11-28

Great i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Candacee at 2005-11-28

That was great....i cried when i read it

Eraklis ( F C ) at 2005-11-28

Amazing poem! I really enjoyed reading it...very, very sad.

Jayma100%lovehurts at 2005-11-29

You know this is my favorite poem i just had to comment again i just love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelsea R. ( F P C ) at 2005-11-29

Wow that is really good!

definitionofme ( F P C ) at 2005-11-29

Snif snif... so sad... i can't believe you write this good! ah! plz plz plz write some more like this! i feel sorry for the guy in the poem. cuz he lost her forever this time..........

MaDdiSoN ( F P C ) at 2005-12-01

Omg how sad, huni this poem is so sad i feel like crying, u r so talented and gifted, this poem has given me inspiration and now i really want 2 write a poem like this! i luv u n ur work!!! bibi babe

Lydia ( P ) at 2005-12-02

OMG!!! that is so sad I cried and you are so talented yea... well u get my piont


Cuddles ( F P C D ) at 2005-12-06

There are no words. I'm blown away.

Dani Fitch ( F P C ) at 2005-12-07

Ow i actually felt his pain! thats brilliant honey. ur great, keep it up!! bye bye,
dani xoxo

natalie at 2005-12-08

Hey wow! that was soo sad and awesome. u are a great writer! I read the comment you left and you don't know ho much i appreciate it.

Joanna Kapron at 2005-12-10

Wow..........thats emotional and yet AMAZING.all I can say

Ellen at 2005-12-10

This is a really beautiful and tragic poem. great work! 5 out of 5! check out mine called Loving You is My Secret. keep up the good work :)

Sharna at 2005-12-13

O my god this so sad. This is what I don't want to happen to me. Never showing my real feelings.

Nicole Jacobsen ( F P ) at 2005-12-17

AGAIN , great work.It's like that 1 .."Drunk Dirver"....somethin like that.But yeah , great work.It's so sad.But good. *5*.

Pilar ( F C ) at 2005-12-20

Omg this poem made me cry ^^
awsome job, so beautifully written yet so sad and tragical..loved it

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