Comments - The kind of girl

Reese at 2005-10-26

This poem is great...

flavadav ( F P C D ) at 2005-10-26

lol. Good job dude. 5/5

chaz2 at 2005-10-26

I loved your poem i wish all men could want the simple things . great poem 5/5 xx

jesse ( C ) at 2005-10-26

That was great and me as well

kerri at 2005-10-26

WOW! i love it....its so sweet and ....awwww it was really good i loved it!

can u plz comment on mine


alex at 2005-10-26

This was bautiful i loved it!

holly ( F C ) at 2005-10-27

This poem is sooo good its really cute but also well written 5/5


Mrs.presley =) at 2005-10-27

Hey that's a great poem i love it keep it up and hopefully you can find that girl.

Love Mrs.presley xoxo

myheartdivides ( F P C ) at 2005-10-27

Its good

Matt A. ( F C D ) at 2005-10-27 beautiful....*crying......., Im better. Congrads on your poem getting over 200 votes. Damn son calm down. But I agree with all the people who read this poem and hope to read more soon.... ?(

Melody at 2005-11-14

Wow! I loved this poem! Definately my favorite of yours so far! You sound like a great guy and I hope you find the girl your looking for! Great job!

Joclyn ( F P C D ) at 2005-11-14

Awesome..very beautiful....thats really sweet..i loved u know a guy like that..cuz id love to meet

*Natasha* ( F P C D ) at 2005-11-27

I wonder what I can say that hasn't already been said.
all I know is that I think this poem is the best!
I makes you think after you read it,
It makes you come back after you left it.
I think it's amazing the way you express with words..
well I would just like to say, I hope you found your girl

Jin ( F C ) at 2005-11-27

Loved it. Keep on writing. I wrotre a poem similar to this called "My Perfect Guy" but im not putting it up because it needs editing. Dont give up writing. *Props*


Ashley at 2005-12-02

A very captavating poem..very romantic..find that girl..

brenda ( F ) at 2005-12-11

Hey robert
i really love your poems.
this is really s sweet poem for s couple.
this was really also good poem for u and mya if u were still togethr.
luv ya lots.

*Ch1t0wnQT* at 2005-12-16

I love this poem and i never heard a boy feel this way. Most boys wouldn't want those things. So it's good that you are different. Don't change and stay the sweet person you are.

Sharon ( F P C ) at 2006-02-08

We need more guys like you in the world ^_^

Little_Princess ( F P C ) at 2006-03-18

Wow- you have some major talent. Keep up the good work. I really liked it. And you know what- I think we'd make a good match. lol. Again- way to go! Laterz

~We Hate Players~ ( C ) at 2007-03-06

This poem rox!! i know just how u feel!!


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