Comments - Teach Me To Let Go

Shane ( F P ) at 2005-12-27

I can relate to this now.
Of course with a she, not a he, but you know.

SARA at 2006-01-01

Well done!!!


Chelsea Renae ( F P ) at 2006-01-05

Hey this is really good! I can relate and I give it a 5!!


sarayu at 2006-01-05

Its the most awsumly writen poem ive read...grt work hun

Princess Love ( F P C ) at 2006-01-06

Oh wow, another great poem. I love this one, been there done it, so I really feel it. Excellent job again. Keep it up.

Fadedstar ( F C ) at 2006-01-07

Woooah....such an awesome poem...SOoo good !
i loved it.
i hope everything is okay with u..

and thnaks for the comment on my poem, it meant alot..
Great poem!!!!

Shellshel at 2006-01-08

Thanks for the comment. that poem was really hard for me to write cause i wrote it while i was in the process of lettin go. i like your stuff!

Cuddles ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-09

I'm astounded! Speechless even, and I'm never speechless! You don't need me to tell you how amazing this poem is.

SyNeR®©™2oo6 ( F C ) at 2006-01-09

Really well writen nice rythmin stlye

~Steph~ at 2006-01-09

Luv it!! :) this is so good, it's exactly what I'm going through right now!!

Nicole Jacobsen ( F P ) at 2006-01-13

Omg....I'm gonna cry. I wish I coulda said that 2 my ex. AWW.....Great poem....I gave it a *5*.

Michelle at 2006-01-15

This is really touching and it's like a poem meant for me.. like i said in the other comments i have u.. ur a star with poetry! i really liked it and u should enter a poetry contest.. seriously!! well.. i hope that we can talk one day.. to share our opinions with each other

Ariana. ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-19

Wow, I can definately relate to this one, I think you've done a great job here, there is so much feeling in this. As a bonus your flow and rhythm is completely perfect and ties everything up nicely. The ending also works very well and I like how you've used a common expression in a non-cliched way. great stuff.

Gary Jurechka ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-19

Wow.This poem went straight to the core of my heart.Right now I can so relate to the emotion and what you are saying.Every stanza is strong and says so much.I was so moved by this.The pain of heartbreak, the trauma of the aftermath, the waiting to be alive and love again.This is so heart-achingly emotional and captures it with such honsesty.Excellent.

Chelsea at 2006-01-19

Hey,thanks for sayen youll be there, it means a lot, and thanks for commenting on my poem, i'm here to comment on yours now. It's very good! I understand how you feel and i know what your sayen all too well. just do your best to realize that no matter how unlikely it seems you WILL get over it. KEep up your good work!

Shannon Loter ( F P C ) at 2006-01-20

Wow this poem was really good. The flow was excellent. You are a very talented writer. Keep it up :)
Lovest Shannon
P.S. Thanks for your comment. It meant a lot.

kallie ( F P C ) at 2006-01-20

U are such an amazing writter!! wow i just love your poems!! this one really hit home with me!! wow seriously its exactly what i'm feeling!! keep writing!

Patty at 2006-01-22

This is really good i like how u put all ur feelings into this!!!!

marina at 2006-01-25

Man you write good poem i can relate alot to this

shobhana kumar ( F C D ) at 2006-01-28

The starting lines are beautiful. good work


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