Comments - The Sad Truth..

stacy at 2006-01-13

I love your poem it like touched me. There's definatly something about it that moves me WoW good job

Tessa at 2006-01-13

Very good. It was great.

OverlookedTruth at 2006-01-14

i love this piece.

Kimeko Lancaster ( C ) at 2006-01-14

I love this poem!! It's so sad it like your telling my story. Just stay strong you will get through it. 5/5

♥ True emotions never end at 2006-01-14 sad...i hope everything gets better for you...

chelsea at 2006-01-15

Omg!!!! ahhhhhhh that was absolutely perfect!!! its like u went inside my head and wrote my emotions down into the form of a poem! seriously....i luv u for this poem right now!!!!! u rock! chelsea

YouMakeMeWhole♥ ( F P C ) at 2006-01-15

Well done

Dreamer ( F D ) at 2006-01-15

That is, one GOOD poem, man, please read mine and comment on what you think of in a lot of love pain atm

my reflection ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-15

Still even now it suprises me to see how many ppl have been through this. i have too and i no how it feels especialy when u see them non stop. just remember your worth a million of him girl, your poems alone tell me that. take care you'll be ok. stay strong. tho i cant promise you u'll forget i can promise after a while the pain will get less and less. great poem and beautifuly written, heartfelt and full of passion. i can feel your pain throughly. stay strong. 5/5

sonia at 2006-01-15

Omg hun. u can talk to me any time about the heart ach your going through. hun your poems are awesome. but i think that guy deserves to be sacked for being such a jerk. there are other less mean guys in the world. and u just need to wait until u find him.

aways here for u

xღxBeCkYxღx ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-15

Great poem 5/5! I'm really sorry that its true..he ain't worth it hun!! :-)
Take care, and show him what hes lost!! You CAN make it without him!!

Jayme Gamble at 2006-01-15

Great Poem loved it and I know how you feel.

xUnbreakablex ( F P C ) at 2006-01-15

Hun thats brilliant! never doubt ur ability as a writer when your upset because the best poems happen when you're going through something bad. They draw on real emotion. i loved it n the timing n phrasing is perfect hang on in there x x x

shyann ( F P C ) at 2006-01-15

Awwwwww wow omg thiz poem is soooooo gud im amazed itz as if i cud feel wat u feel u did a gr8 job writin it i got teary eyed over here lol well keep up tha gud work!!!5/5

Michelle at 2006-01-15

This is a really good poem! i really liked it and i understand what ur going through.. hopefully u can read my poems and also give me feedback!! u have a great talent!

۵ *Angel of Cutting* ۵ ( F ) at 2006-01-16

Wow that is wonderul....i really love it...keep it up...

Sami at 2006-01-16

Hang in there

Sarah ( C ) at 2006-01-16

Halu stranger,

Wow this was very short and to the is beautiful. I love it. I'm so sorry the guy did that to you though. He is a jerk for hurting you, but did he end up picking her in the end? Awesome job once again. 5/5

Take Care-

leticia at 2006-01-16

That was so beautiful!!! it almost made me cry!!

Ruthie ( F P C D ) at 2006-01-17

Hey there beautiful tiny dancer. i've learnt now that u can never write a bad poem... u say it's bad but it never is hun... and right back at u darls... u ever need 2 talk... e-mail me... *hugs* luv ya hun don't stop writing cause then I won't have ur poems 2 come back here 4!

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