Comments - How Do I Stop Loving You?

justalone ( F P C ) at 2006-03-12

Love is so endless, no one knows where it ends... meli, you've done a breath-taking job. i swear, each moving line of your poetry, i'm next to you, watching you write these wonderful, beautiful words. a deep, meaningful, awe-inspiring poem.

StyleZWiFey at 2006-03-12

Thanx alot gurl,well it reminded me of ma x boyfriend who wuz such an azzhole and it took me a while to get him off my mind but now hiz suffering cuz he wants me still but he cant have me so yea thatnx for the 5 gurl b safe 1 luv


Ashley ( P C ) at 2006-03-13

This is really good. I love it!! Keep it up, and thanks for commenting on my poem!! Love lots.

nkosana mlibazi at 2006-03-13

A good piece of work relly touching

Kenya Dawn at 2006-03-13

Omg..i love it..i can relate to it too...maybe thats y i love it...keep writin...please...

kenya dawn

Nesee at 2006-03-13


Kelly Murdock ( F C ) at 2006-03-13

Omg I love your poem. i feel the way you do. i think a lot of people can relate. you're writing is very expressive and i think you'll go far.

good job!

if you could, check out some of my poems, that'd be awesome!


joana at 2006-03-13

Dam this is a deep and cute poem it relates tome in a way keep it up and keep your head up too. i love this poem!!

girl with no name ( F P C D ) at 2006-03-13

I no how u feel through and through except well i was the one who let him go but he deserved it he broke my heart into an infinate amount of pieces and now his with my ex best friend. i no how u mean with this poem but i can promise u this much, after a while ur heart will stop living as much but then again with me i just stoped all contact with him and yet even now everytime i see him in school my heart brakes but it is less painfull. the pain does go away, it take sa long time which u probs dont wanna hear but in time it will go away and in time u will find someone else but the best thing u can do is not let him come back. as for the poem ittself, i love it how u put ur feelings and pain into questions and make the reader think further than the words and i love the feeling that u have poured into this. i suppose i understand after biewng with this site for a few months why it is that the best poems are ones about love or heartbrake because those are the things which you right completly from the heart not caring about wt comes on the paper. i love this peom and i think it really reflects ur feelings and well i no ur hearting but i can tell u that ur not alone ppl do go through this and are going through this now and if u ever wanna talk ppl in this site are always happy to talk and im always here if u ever need a caring ear to listen and help.well erm take care and i hope u get over him sooner than later it saves u getting hurt more and i no this might be a lil insensitive but id appreciate it if u commented on some of my poems and rated them i think that u might even find some of them helpful. 5/5 btw.

Shayla at 2006-03-13

Hey i like ur poem its good!!! it reminds me of me and my x i used to love!!! nice job!

megan at 2006-03-13

Thats mad deep is it true and grl if it is true i feel for you

rachel at 2006-03-13

This is good

Brittany at 2006-03-13

Wow, that's a great poem. I think that describes the feelings of anyone who's ever been betrayed by someone..
you're talented! keep it up

YoU-nEvEr-NeW ( F C ) at 2006-03-13

Hey girl dat was really really good i no just what u were getting at cuz some one did dat same shyt to me b4 its confuizing as hell but w/e well holla back at cha girl!

Heather Griffith ( C ) at 2006-03-13

WOW...Omg I loved it....Your one of my favorites now...I feel the same way!!!....I really wish some one knew the answer...well keep it up!!! 5/5
ML- Heather

Cristal at 2006-03-14

Hey this is great! You should keep writing i kinda get were u are coming from

Nodi at 2006-03-14

Wow..wat a nice poem... its very touching and sad... I hope everything is good with u now.. i have once felt liek that too..and its very hard.. i guess we all gotta go through that...anywayz i loved ur poem.. u get a 5/5...take care

marissa aguilar at 2006-03-14

wel i wanted you to know
this happened to me
and he says it but he doesnt really mean it
he doenst want you to stop jsut dnt give up
keep on loving him and
keep on trying to show him how much you love him bu t also give him some space ....becaue he wants to see how you reaact without him he will be wathching you even though you dont know it .. my x and i are now together he noticed how i lvoed him
keep up the peoms and good luck with him

lilia ( F P C ) at 2006-03-14

Wow girl that was awsome. i really enjoyed it like i always enjoy all your peices. i know exactly how you feel. its hard to lose someone you love. people that come and go out of our lives leave such marks that we cant help but always have in our hearts. so anways great job!!!! hope everything works out.

♥ iNviSibLe 2 u ♥ ( F P C D ) at 2006-03-14

Well done i really like this sad but well expressed i know how you feel xxALLYxx

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