Comments - Love pulled the trigger.

Viola x LaughLoveLive x ( F P C D ) at 2007-09-21

I just happened to be looking at some poems randomly and I stummbled upon this one. I'm so glad I did, and I ave to say, it's amazing.
There's just so much emotion and depth in this piece. Many love poems have emotion but this one's different..the way it's written, your choice of words, the comparisons, the idea..just everything.. fabulous! I am truly impressed. I especially LOVE this stanza:

"Place the shotgun on my temple,
My life rests in your shaken hand,
Relax don't worry sweetie,
I'll jump at each demand,
This power you behold now,
Is one drenched in sorrow,
With one soft simple push,
You could demolish my tomorrow."

^wow! great work. =] keep it up!

Escoffier ( P ) at 2007-10-18

Wow one of the best poems I have every read
Outstanding, deep and intense.

Valerie ( F ) at 2007-11-04

Wow very meaningful ...

Marylou L ( P C ) at 2007-11-06

You did a wonderful jopb at saying what you felt. good job.

rachel at 2007-12-30

Awesome poem

skittlez ( F P C D ) at 2008-03-30

Wow that was great

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