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natalia at 2005-03-05

you have talent and that poem was stong i loved it

Rebecca ( F C ) at 2005-03-07

Great poem! I loved it! I know how ya feel, And it sucks... Well Keep up the good work, And I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

God Bless,

Natalie ( F P ) at 2005-03-12

great poem. It was perfect. It flowed well. And I can totally relate. Thanks for writing this.

sara at 2005-03-15

wow that is an amazing poem

Tony Naenphan at 2005-04-07

Hey Hey Yea dat was off the shizzi i like that poem alot you put alot of feeling and thought into it i can feel the pain with you i been through it to it suck yea well peace one.

~DarKmIst~ at 2005-05-03

you're poem are damn so true! because i've gone thru that before, hope for the best of ur other poems! :)

Theresa at 2005-05-04

Awesome poem seriously, it describes my love life perfectly right now. You're great, keep up the good work!

Hasnain Dossa at 2005-05-06

beautiful..them words hit me quite deep..the rhyming sequence was a bit prolonged but still quite good

Christina Hughes at 2005-05-06

tht relates to me soo much it is crazy but tht was a great poem i loved it!
lots of love,

Lover at 2005-05-28

oh my god that is just like how my life has been for the past two weeks

Arlene at 2005-06-03

this poem is the bomb this is exactly how i feel keep up the good work//////

Kristal at 2005-06-24

great poem....i really enjoyed reading it..I felt exactly the same way with someone a few months`s like you took my feelings and wrote them down.

Brittany at 2005-07-19

I can relate to your poem It is going on with this guy I like anyways your poem was really good

Curious Me ( F P C ) at 2005-08-04

this is so sweet reminds me of me and my boyfriend. keep up the good work.
could you please e=read and comment on some of my poems. thanks

Ashlie at 2005-08-31


krysie at 2005-09-06

**hey this was a really good poem you should keep writting well wish you luck in the future bye**

Laura Ashley ( F P C D ) at 2005-09-22

I love this poem! I can relate to it a lot =]

Taina at 2005-10-01

I Love this poem is so good

Taina at 2005-10-01

I Love this poem is so good

hayley at 2005-10-25

Wow. that was really fantastic, u are really talented! that poem really meant something to me. it's everything that i'm going through right now, its the same situation ... anyways. i really like ur work xoxo

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