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BrokenMisery ( F P C D ) at 2006-07-12

Very sweet and again I can't find much to critisise. I did not like the first piece of talking because talking generally does not rhyme so it seems un-natural however the second part, being a vow is understandable. Its nicely written, flows smoothly and you are certainly a great authour. Best of luck.

Cassie at 2006-07-12

WOW is all i can say to this. It was an exquisite piece. The flow was amazing. Totally brilliant, a masterpiece of the heart.

SilenceBreaksTheHeart ( F P C ) at 2006-07-13

Aww omg that was so sweet.
Now I want someone to love.
That was such a beautiful poem. I really loved it.
There is nothing else to say about this
I can't wait to read more of your poetry in the future.

*MisS MuRdER* ( F C ) at 2006-07-13

what a beautiful poem.
its breathtaking!
excellent word usage as well as fantastic rhyming.
the vibe of this poem is so bright and etherial
i love it

Kisses all around(AnnMarie) ( F C D ) at 2006-07-13

Nice! Really nice it was good, it was wonderful. The flow was great one word fit into the next great job you are a wonderful poet!

nikki ( C D ) at 2006-07-13

I like how it flowed together very nice and this is a very sweet poem good job 5/5

Luanne ( F P C D ) at 2006-07-14

So beatifully romantic, I am speechless !( I never thought that would ever speechless
My heart is all melting and everything . The flow is magical and the entire poem is beautiful .

You have painted a beautiful picture of love and devotion .....awww just beautiful.

CalVein at 2006-07-14

Wow...dude...this is really nice....very well planned out...the words are simple and effective...good job...nice one...cheers

i LOVEE HiM XO at 2006-07-14

OMG i LOVED TtHATt!!!!!!!!!

~Lizzzzy~ ( F C ) at 2006-07-14

Ohmygoodness! It's amazing! It's absolutly wonderful, I love every single word of it! Great Great Great job!

Julie at 2006-07-14

Ii lovee itt!!!

Ana at 2006-07-14

This poem was so sweet and it was rele romantic....well if u are getttin married i bet ur vows will be even more beautiful i loved the poem tho...

- ×·.d0ra ; ( F C ) at 2006-07-15

Hey u. i was soo happy wen u commented on my poem!! havent heard from u in ages!! i was rapt l0l anyway this was really g0od p0em. beautifully w0rded. great j0b very touching. always l0ve readin ur work! keep it up! xx

neishalee at 2006-07-15

This is excellent. I love the way you put your words together and how you make your words so alive and vivid. i like it very good. keep it up!!!!!!!

Hikaru Izumi at 2006-07-15

Oh my god!! The poem's so cute!!! I love it so much!!! Keep up the good work!

molly ( P ) at 2006-07-15

I love it!! it was very sweet!


Martin at 2006-07-16

I must say darien your work is truly a masterpiece, a work of art i tell you. you dont stumble upon too many poems with the nice ryhme and context all at the same time but i guess this one is one in a million.bravo and encore.

julie p at 2006-07-16

Wow.....i loved did an incredible job.....

cecilia at 2006-07-16

Love that peom.your wife is lucky to have a husband like you.from this peom it sounds like your wedding is beautiful.much luck on your new life with your wife.

Amy* ( F P C ) at 2006-07-17

Aw. That truly was very sweet and romantic. The rhyming made it all flow together very nicely. Lovely work
xxx Ami

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