Comments - I will not give up

Mat at 2008-01-13

I feel the same way i wrote on some what the where as good as yours but i like how you talk about all the bad things and how your a better person out of it...its inspiring(sp)

every tear falls for a reason ( F P C ) at 2008-01-18

Great emotions..i absolutely love this. =]

Therisa at 2008-03-04

The rhythm was good and it flowed together well, and it rhymed wonderfully.

YASMINE T ( F ) at 2008-06-16

Aww this is rele good poem!
keep up the good work x

NoUr ( F C D ) at 2008-08-18

Way to go gurl..really a very very nice,inspiring poem..

xxJordanxx ( F ) at 2008-09-01

Very nice poem ...
21 years old yeah???
but still young with a very good mind...!

Angel Tears ( F C ) at 2009-07-30

"Yes you killed me inside
But I wont die"

- This part in particular captured and kept my attention throughout the entire poem. I feel the same way about someone in particular.

"Yes you tore me apart
But I'm still in one piece"

- This is portrayed to perfection.

"Yes you took my dreams
But I wont give up hope
Yes you tortured me
But I will cope"

- This stanza literally brought me to tears.

"Yes you made me sick
But I'll live through this"

- Excellent line.

Overall, I love this piece. It describes things perfectly and actually gave me a bit of hope to move forward with. Please keep writing! :)

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